July 1st, 2014 10:24 PM

Dear Friends,

It's another scorcher in Los Angeles and I'm experiencing a mild headache, mostly due to dehydration. I rarely succumb to this condition, but the peripatetic scale of activities across town on this day, has not given me the ability to slow down and stop to drink a glass of water. I know full well such neglect can be harmful to my health, and as I drive home from another busy day in the city, I reach my final destination. I open the door to my home and once inside, I head towards the refrigerator and grasp a pint of bottled water. After awhile, the affliction subsides and my normal disposition is restored.

While I was driving around town, there were several news events I heard on the car radio, that kept my interest. The Supreme Court decisions regarding mandating contraception in health care plans and the payment of union dues allocated for collective bargaining, were struck down in favor of the plaintiffs. I also was made aware of the major immigration problem, where thousands of migrants from Central America are crossing the Southern border, with no solution by the Federal Government in sight.

I was delighted to learn the Supreme Court by a 5 to 4 margin, upheld the right of religious freedom by favoring the arguments of Hobby Lobby, a company in which the owner is devout in his adherence of Christian principles. This case is of major importance, as religious liberty is recognized once again, as one of the basic and all encompassing freedoms that propelled the colonies towards Independence. The Framers of the Constitution fully understood this right, as substantial and sacrosanct.

Last week there were other Supreme Court cases that were decided unanimously. The right to privacy argument was recognized, as law enforcement does not have the power to search the contents of one's cellphone without a warrant. Consequently, the other decisions handed down by the Court, dealt a blow to government efforts in their interpretation of the rule of law.

I harken back to a previous time, from 1973 through the Summer of 1974. During this period, similar circumstances arose, in which unfolding events and aggressive responses to Supreme Court decisions, were decried as incoherent and without merit.

The immigration issue, has been a thorn in the side of those seeking to bypass the structure of government and the democratic principles inherent in its formulation. The separation of powers is the foundation for restraint, on substantive matters which directly affects the lives of all Americans. When we hear the Senior Senator from the State of Illinois mention, that the head of this government should 'borrow the power' in order to circumvent the House of Representatives on immigration reform, one can only inquire in what passages of the Constitution was this ever mentioned. Notwithstanding, the Minority Leader flies to Texas to view the plight of migrants seeking entry in the US, through our Southern border. Her presence and motivation are called into question, as the US, by not enforcing its own immigration laws, has orchestrated the turmoil that has created and escalated this crisis from the very beginning.

It is cruel and disheartening to learn from reliable media sources, this entire situation was an attempt to force the hand of Congress to approve the Immigration Bill that was agreed upon by the Senate. By politicizing this issue with the lives of Central American children, their families and those seeking refuge by crossing thousands of miles with the assistance of nefarious entities, America's standing in the world continues its slide towards ruin.

For many discerning Americans, the unfortunate turn of events where basic assumptions about anything the government professes to be true, are viewed with suspicion, acrimony and disbelief. The scandals are piling up. The harm inflicted on our belief that America's interests are benevolent and worthy of sacrifice, are no longer taken at face value. Perhaps, the unrelenting daily crisis that began with the financial crash of 2007-2008 and made worse by inconsolable, impervious policies, has taken its toll on a weary, worn out American population.

I take after my beloved father in various respects, as he was stubborn and uncompromising in his convictions. He deeply loved this country. His struggles under Franco in Spain and Castro in Cuba stirred a profound passion within, as he vehemently declared that America to be the greatest nation on the face of this Earth! I believed him and to this day, I still do! In later years, my beloved parents throughout their recollections, were always appreciative of the many persons that assisted our family in settling down. We were able to prosper in a community where our neighbors, became devoted lifelong friends.

As is now my custom for the past several years, I would attend church services in the morning, view the Independence Day parade in the early afternoon and watch the fireworks up the coast. On this 4th of July, I've decided to set an example for myself and hopefully for concerned Americans by reciting 'The Oath of Responsibility'.
At 9:00 AM PST in the privacy of my home, I will place my hand on the Holy Bible, given to me as a Christmas gift from my beloved mother in 1986, and I will say the following:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm), that as an American, I will use all the attributes of character I possess, to be a responsible citizen, and will, to the best of my ability, ensure, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God."

To be an American, one must truly appreciate the sacrifices of those that have lost their lives for our freedoms. It is our responsibility to never neglect or become complacent in support of values that compliment our sovereignty. To save the soul of this country is our responsibility. Compared to other societies, by a gracious God we live in a nation that offers countless blessings. Any heartfelt display of gratitude for the freedoms we cherish, can only lift the spirits of camaraderie by those unaccustomed in trials of accountability. Furthermore, any prudent method in which an open minded discussion of various viewpoints are encountered, you will find a concerned and responsible American engaged in debate.

The time has come to contemplate our futures. The continuing saga of a nation without direction must come to an end. Slowly, gradually and methodically the peak of wisdom will see its denouement on Tuesday, November 4th.

Wishing you a Happy Independence Day weekend!

Thanks Again

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