August 16th, 2008 7:20 AM

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This week's TEAMBLOG is vastly different from other topics we've explored before. The events in China & Russia are important to all Americans. We need to explore the future pursuits of both countries and the consequences their actions will have on our security. The challenge to overcome the ideologies of these regimes is a formidable obstacle in our desire for peace in the modern world. Notwithstanding, we are also faced with danger by religious fanatics in the Middle East eager to pose harm on our society. This is certainly no time for appeasement.

As the host of the Olympic Games, the entire world has focused their attention on China. The opening ceremonies last Friday garnered a stream of superlatives for its choreographical staging, culminating in the lighting of the Olympic torch. The colorful displays of various native garments worn by the athletes, the rich refrain of exotic chords of music and the intense explosion of fireworks was the backdrop for the competition yet to come.

The Olympic Games is an event which provides a spirit of camaraderie among nations every 4 years. The competition of our athletes with youngsters around the world, is a simple exercise in diplomacy. The concept of sport begun by the ancient Greeks is a true and sincere attempt to end divisions and disageements. The quest for civility, balance and respect are goals worthy of all peoples in one's desire to live in harmony. As a nation, when we witness the accomplishments of our athletes, we become proud participants in spirit.

Unfortunately, these uplifting ideals are lost in the equation when human rights abuses are noted by the government hosting the games. For many years, China and its antiquated, grotesque philosophy of Communism, has destroyed any semblance of dissent by punishing and ultimately killing innocent citizens in their totalitarian theology of control. The pretty scenes we are viewing on our television screens has become a zone of 'smoke & mirrors', where the Olympic Games are utilized to create a mirage of benevolence where none has ever existed. The Communist propensity to overpower the senses in its desires for respectability is a classic case of delusion. In other words, the Chinese government specifically, has ordained the Olympics as testament to their incredulity by spending billions of dollars in order to overwhelm and show favor for a belief of despotic hubris.

While the athletes entertained the Chinese spectators in the 'Birds Nest', the focus surreptitiously shifted from the marvelous attempts of bliss in Beijing to the Russian invasion of Georgia. The Russian Bear awoke from hibernation by resurrecting Communist ideology in its incursion of a sovereign, democratically elected state. In its manifesto, the dormant desire for conquest has been reawakened. This event has increased the specter of indignation among the West and the smaller countries of the former Soviet Union. Russia's actions has created an unstable level of anxiety throughout the region.

The timing of this assault was planned in advance. Vladimir Putin, a KGB operative during the days of the 'Evil Empire', orchestrated the plot of intrigue by the indiscriminate advance of Russian troops miles within Georgia. Make no mistake, this man is calling the shots while its new President is an amiable wooden puppet, controlled by hazardous strings of movement. Putin perceives America to be preoccupied with other ailments, as he surmises all of our eggs are deployed inside the basket of nations, Iraq & Afghanistan. Russian aggression has now changed the dynamic in our relations with Moscow.

We are also reminded of evil manifested in the Middle East, where there are nations providing comfort and encouragement to slaughter Americans as sport and the goal to destroy Israel, in order to gain favor for a religious doctrine.

While there are agents throughout the world eager to neutralize the profound moral commencement of a great nation, Americans must heed the voice of past generations. This is where genuine values of duty and honor are rediscovered in a common pursuit to end the destruction of our civilization by extrinsic ideologies. Marxism, Communism and Socialism are patterns of thought where beleaguered Americans fought and lost their lives in order to protect the incursion of such impaired beliefs in our midst. Freedom is the hope of all peoples. The Olympic Games is a symbol of hope in a world of despair.

The next several months will generate additional challenges. Americans need to explore its ability to end the exterior forces willing to cause us and our devoted allies harm. We also need to remedy the interior of our nation, where the damage to ourselves has made us susceptible to a perception of weakness by our enemies. Perhaps, the danger facing our Republic is best spoken by Cassius, "The fault dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves". 

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