December 7th, 2018 6:04 PM

Dear Friends,

When this year began, I promised myself that I would do the very best to be a joyous and optimistic soul in my endeavors. I knew there would be challenges in life, as I'm living in an environment that has increasingly abandoned its sense of decency, humility and integrity. In my own personal life, I've been disappointed at times, as there are individuals I've known for years that have surprisingly taken advantage of my good graces. I have 'moved on' as it is said from these circumstances, by my genuine forgiveness and incessant desire to forget the cruelty I've endured. Nonetheless, I would surmise, you may have come across similar experiences this year. We truly understand that life continues, as our trials build character that is recognized by our current friends that we love and friends that love us. Notwithstanding, I'm in a family that just happens to love me unconditionally!

While my optimism for life is beyond reproach, I am deeply saddened by an atmosphere that has taken hold in this nation. Specifically, attempts by a political ideology to destroy America's culture and everything that has flourished from its inception. The major entities of opinion, based in cognitive dissonance, are construed to be leftist activists and socialists. This cadre of like minded thought, are discovered in the media, a political party, the entertainment industry, a 'deep state' cabal in government, in universities and by an entitled generation that has a limited grasp of American history nor the sacrifices of those that have lost their precious lives for their ability to speak incoherently.

As you know, the 41st US President passed away on November 30th. He was buried just yesterday at the Presidential Library that bears his name. George H W Bush secured memorable accomplishments in his tenure as our Chief Executive from 1989 through 1993. His decisive actions in maintaining policies that ended the Cold War, the reunification of both Germany's, the entrance of US and other nations to end the proliferation of evil in Iraq and by our engagement in battle through Desert Storm - this President understood the desires for peace is by maintaining strength, as exemplified by America's armed forces. His education as Vice President under the 40th President for 8 years, assisted his confidence. So many years later, there are areas in the world that have a profound respect for his involvement in resolving challenges that required wise counsel. In domestic issues, the recommendation of Judge Clarence Thomas to the High Court, the 1990 Clean Air Act and the American With Disabilities Act enacted the same year, are just several of the major accomplishments that define his term as President.

Many of his contemporaries have given him praise for his temperament and sincere devotion and loyalty to those he knew for many years in and out of government. Unfortunately, there are disparaging and shocking revelations that are deeply disturbing for a man so revered by his family, friends and acquaintances. I will not mention the grievous and disconcerting information found on the internet. Suffice for me to say, that Our Dear Lord is in control of our lives. He will decide if or when America will be privy to the information that can be construed as factors in determining one's eternal judgment - that is forthcoming. God willing, President Bush will be reunited with his beloved wife and daughter so that he may have the ability - to rest in peace.

During this Holiday Season, I tend to ignore the chronic hatred and division that rarely ceases in various displays of permutation. You can ascertain the politicization of everything in this nation continues unabated. However, I am blessed to appreciate the meaning of Christmas. I am saddened by the proliferation of mental illness that is devoted to eliminate past traditions that my generation has encapsulated in our demeanor throughout our lives. This Christmas Season, I will walk away from anyone that has a negative and hostile approach in living by their desecration of the human spirit. The time has come in my life and for Americans, to be grateful for living in a nation that offers the freedom we must never take for granted. The rise of Socialism in America does not allow the true meaning of Christmas to prosper.

May God Continue to Bless America this Christmas Season

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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