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November 30th, 2014 7:14 PM

Dear Friends,
While there has been a rise in discord, there will always be a solution to many of this nation's problems. To end such needless conflict in our lives, Americans are witnessing the aftermath of circumstances designed by rogue elements, unable to appreciate the gifts this nation has provided for themselves or for others. To create strife and hardship is the handiwork of misguided and unrelenting powerful interests, unwilling to muster the courage to debate their incongruent beliefs. This Thanksgiving was a holiday in which many of us, once again, are truly grateful for God's blessings. While there are influential efforts to dislodge the grace of God from all aspects of culture, institutions and its communities, the war to sustain America's heritage will never be lost.

The roller coaster ride rarely comes to an abrupt end, once you understand the complexities of the circumstances which surround you. Peace and quiet is an ideal environment, when one is subjected to trial and turmoil at every turn. What does one do to escape agony and despair, when one has a mental image of tranquility, while the imagination of others are totally bereft of solace or contemplation?
Since the Mid-Term Elections, many Americans are wondering if their voice was heard. An intransigent elite power, unwilling to acquiesce their understanding of last month's results, has become the newest challenge, as they do their best to deny the will of the people. When the head of this government decides to issue a proclamation without the Constitutional authority to do so, the basic and genuine respect for law has been usurped. When extraordinary, incoherent interpretations of the Constitution are employed to break the law to further a cause to 'transform' a nation for political purposes, a nation's respect for its leaders are damaged.
Discerning Americans have come to the sad conclusion, this government with its surrogates in all areas of authority and commerce, have ignored the cry to change course. Many of this nations' citizens have lost their patience with dysfunction in Washington with policies and programs designed to cause relentless misery. Come January, many of us hope and pray that competence and common sense can be restored.

We are excited once again to help disadvantaged youngsters in the Los Angeles area. From December 3rd until December 17th, we are accepting your donations of new, unwrapped toys to be given to children by Christmas. Please call our office at 323-936-3232 for arrangements. The Team Tot Toy Drive is in its 15th Year and we truly are content that your contributions will render a smile for all of the children in our community. We sincerely appreciate your participation. Thank You!

Thanks Again

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