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October 17th, 2014 8:31 PM

Dear Friends,
I'm not one to say the sky is falling, but unless the American people decide to wake up from a deep sleep, we'll know in a few weeks if a crash has consumed all of us. I mentioned in the last post that our destinies will be determined for years to come. The Mid Term elections scheduled for Tuesday, November 4th will indeed provide all Americans the wake up call once the election returns are known. One must vote to either continue the abyss in which this country has immersed itself, or to stop the hemorrhage by electing those persons that love this country, and will do whatever is necessary to resurrect the nation towards its status as a force for good.
As a country, errors in judgment have been made by choosing lawmakers and authorities in government institutions, that are basically incompetent, lack moral clarity and are bereft of personal characteristics required to represent the American people. It is not too late for intelligent and sober voices to be heard from a deluge of corrupt, inept, miscreants resolved to destroy a great nation. We have an obligation as citizens to assist our countrymen, when our own government and their accomplices are unwilling or incapable to exercise their responsibilities to protect us from harm. The time has arrived that we are unable to sit idly by, twiddling our thumbs and view the free fall from a distance and do nothing. This behavior has no redeeming value and shows a deep disrespect of one's own qualities as an individual. The recognition of our shortcomings and by not seeking assistance to overcome one's frailties, allows injustice to become dominant in a society searching to elevate the human condition.
For the past several years, Americans of ethical backgrounds and principles, have noticed the complete breakdown of a once pragmatic belief system where there was generally a semblance of trust in our public institutions. Today, most Americans are anxious about the competency of government authorities, as these bureaucrats endorse policies and actions in which our health has been placed in jeopardy. The failure to have qualified professionals at the helm, has dwindled the peace of mind all Americans require, to live free from additional distress.
There are 3 situations that are tied to the health of this country. The Ebola virus, allowing 'Open Borders' and the Affordable Care Act. All 3 of these concerns have done irreparable damage as Americans no longer accept contradictions in facts, or verbal explanations that are easily discovered to be false or inconclusive. Many of us no longer believe in what authority figures say, as we lack confidence in their pronouncements as a direct result of misleading the American people, by their incapacity to tell the truth on numerous occasions. Trust in government is at a nadir, and the failure to advise the public in a manner that respects the intelligence of its citizens, has not been forthcoming for many 'politically correct' reasons.

1. The Ebola Virus Outbreak
In order to stop the spread of the disease, a travel ban is required. It is recommended West African nations or areas where the Ebola virus has been reported to exist, must be prohibited from flying anyone originating from these territories to the United States. All visas and applications for visas from these areas must be terminated, until such time it is deemed safe for travel to continue. The CDC or the Center for Disease Control and the head of this government do not believe this is an approach the US should implement. They believe that once passengers arrive at US customs, medical personnel will ask questions about possible contact with anyone having symptoms of Ebola before the flight, and temperatures will be taken to see if flu like symptoms are prevalent. It is my understanding most anyone can take aspirin to lower one's temperature, before or during the flight to the US. This plan will not work, as it assumes every passenger will tell the truth about their activities before boarding the plane from their respective countries. At least 30 nations, mostly in Africa, no longer allow flights arriving to their countries from Ebola plagued territories.
The first patient diagnosed with Ebola in the US passed away on Wednesday, October 8th. As of today, 2 nurses assigned to this patient have been diagnosed with the virus. Both nurses worked in close contact with the victim and wore the 'haz mat' suits hospital personnel are required to wear under these circumstances.
We have been told by the federal government and the CDC, the Ebola virus is not airborne and the virus is spread by contact with bodily fluids. If this is the case, why would agents seek to locate passengers on various flights, in which one of the infected nurses boarded within the time frame the first Ebola patient was admitted?
 If I understand this correctly, there was also confusing advice in which the head of the CDC stated that one can be exposed to the virus on a bus but not on a plane. Similar diatribes have been scrutinized in which logic and common sense has become a  hindrance to 'politically correct' comprehension of the facts. Incoherence has been revealed as a driving force at most press conferences covering the epidemic.
I'm also questioning the sending of American troops and the National Guard to Liberia, where this virus is out of control. If these troops are to build medical facilities for inhabitants suffering from the virus, I can basically understand their mission. If the troops are in direct contact with those that are infected, this places them in a dangerous position, as their lives would be in jeopardy. All troops must not be allowed to be directly involved with the local population. This of course, is easier said then done and poses a Catch 22 situation. Would it be best to furnish the construction materials to the Liberians themselves without having American troops in harms way?
The damage to America by allowing the Ebola virus to enter the country, is a circumstance that will always be viewed as disastrous. In a few short months we will know the outcome and its effects on our lives.

2. Open Borders
If you follow the Ebola outbreak, you can tie in the policy of allowing illegal aliens to cross the Southern border without any arrests or deportation. The US government will not close its borders. If there was a flight ban from Ebola infected countries coming to the US, the government would be unable to rationalize not closing the Southern border. In allowing migrants from Central American countries to be transported into all 50 states, the US has seen a rise in infectious diseases that have been inflicted on school age children throughout the US. The CDC mentions the newest virus that has infected children does not correlate with the timeline or the origins of these migrants. This is incorrect as the enterovirus68 is active in the countries where the newest migrants came from. Most of these immigrants arrived during the Summer months and this is when the rise of the virus began to be noticed.
This policy of 'open borders' has affected the health of children, as deaths and disease has placed youngsters in jeopardy and fighting for their lives.

3. Affordable Care Act
This legislation was enacted by deceptive practices. The entire country was deceived as we were led to believe we could keep our health care plans, save thousands of dollars on premiums, keep our physicians in which we've had a personal relationship and a doctor's office near our residence. If you are pro-life, we were assured that our premiums will not be utilized to pay for abortions.
Not one of these statements were true.
 Many Americans health care costs are so expensive, the likelihood of losing one's insurance is a distinct possibility.

I can continue this post until dawn, as there are so many events that have plagued the peace of mind of this nation.
Are these policies designed to harm or to help Americans? Is the cause of so much misery a direct result of incompetence or a shrewd attempt to govern in a manner to end our freedoms we've enjoyed? God forbid if the Ebola virus multiplies among the population, as public demonstrations and bouts of civil disobedience across the country could happen at any time.
 To protect the health and safety of Americans is the fundamental responsibility of the federal government.
These are questions that have to be asked and pondered, as many of us contemplate our futures and that of our children.
Which political party is contributing the most harm?
You, by now, know the answer.

The 33rd President of the United States once said,
 "The reward of suffering is experience."
Many Americans have suffered and continue to do so. With such experience under our belt, the time has arrived to use the wisdom we have acquired to end the pain and suffering of the past several years. On Tuesday, November 4th, your presence in the Voting Booth will help end the disaster.

Thanks Again

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on October 17th, 2014 8:31 PMPost a Comment

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