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March 27th, 2009 8:57 PM

Dear Friends,

It happened in Boston on December 16th, 1773 and it will occur again on April 15th, 2009. The span of 236 years still evokes distress when powerful elite forces in government do not listen to the concerns of its citizens. 

This is the beginning of a dialogue for our 'preservation' from an energetic storm of doubt, indecision and chronic trauma many Americans are now subjected to. There is a sense of despair, rage and futility for a good percentage of our fellow citizens. The complete transformation of our destinies within the past 12 months has harmed our sensibilities and the natural optimism our nation is known for.

I've written about this in a previous blog and my conversations with many of you has reenforced the difficulties of rising above the challenges we face during these tough economic times. I realize the dramatic change many of us are going through and the realities of hardship and suffering.

There is an anger and a disbelief that America has placed itself in a precarious and weakened position. Domestically, our misfortunes has elevated a fringe element of thought by those in Washington and the media in a concerted approach to espouse concepts contrary to basic elements of freedom, liberty and justice. Notwithstanding, these 3 elements are overwhelmingly embraced by a majority of patriots throughout the country, as it always will be.

While the main street media is no longer a credible source of information or integrity, other forms of journalism are filling the void of unbiased reporting. These media concerns are documenting displeasure for the ways of Washington by providing information on 'Tea Parties' where average Americans are forcefully demonstrating opposition to the greed, corruption and incompetence of those in government and in our business sectors on Wall Street. The chorus of 'taxation without representation' is becoming a rallying cry for hard working Americans disgusted with the prurient and vulgar personalities we have as 'statesmen' in our government and the anger for the loss of integrity in our business executives. These patriots fully understand the preservation of democracy is paramount.

We are now witnessing a blossoming of thought counter to the recent abuses and maneuvers of those in power and influence. These individuals may be esoteric or elites in their social circles by suggesting socialism is the solution to the financial challenges we are facing today. However, the mainstream predilections of Americans still profoundly believe that government intervention in our lives should be limited. When a Treasury Secretary mentions interest in the replacement of the dollar for a foreign global currency as a topic worthy of discussion, we sit up, notice and register our disapproval. Are we able to trust a government official to oversee the 'preservation' of our economy by voicing doubts in the viability of the US dollar?

At times, our desire is to turn back the clock to a time where we were happier and all things were in balance. Unfortunately, we are realizing there is a force within this country that has a predisposition for extreme views contrary to the basic sense of liberty and decency we have sadly taken for granted. Americans are exhausted with the deluge of taxes approved by federal and state governments without debate and the general direction of the country as extreme elements are seeking control by distorting the original objectives and framework for the formation of the United States. Our Constitution is the penultimate handiwork defining our rights and freedoms. The 'watering down' of democratic principles to pass 'stimulus' bills, budgets and legislation to force the hand of government in everything we do, is wrong. These concerns and others will be voiced by patriots throughout America in over 300+ cities on Wednesday, April 15th. We look forward to your participation. For more details, please check www.taxdayteaparty.com.

The voices of disenchanted Americans is the motivation for those eager to shake up the power elite by recommending quality candidates for public office without importance of party affiliation. These candidates understand tyranny by taxation is a dangerous combination which can foment rebellion. The 2010 elections are just 19 months away.

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Thanks Again



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