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February 17th, 2018 11:46 AM

Dear Friends,

The American people are grieving once again. The horrific massacre of school children and superiors at a Florida High School by a deranged former student, has galvanized the nation with disparate reactions. The deep anger and emotional exhaustion of another senseless shooting, has revealed the underlying disconcerting aspects of a society unraveling by the loss and disrespect of ethical norms of behavior. While mental illness has increased in its intensity by the acceptance of hatred by a chronic powerful cabal, the continued association of an ideology lacking in morals has raised the specter of a civilization without substance or a soul without embodiment.

 A conversation is needed and required in this country. This discourse is to end the divisions promulgated by a litany of entities. An inadvertent and at times a coordinated partnership, includes a disgraced biased media, deep state government conspirators, a political party in opposition of logical principles, fanatical organizations, entrenched established institutions, an entertainment industry fomenting forms of depravity, an inept educational system, the abuse of children by clergy, and misguided individuals. The efforts of this 'collusion' are to enforce unrelenting attacks on the basic concepts of liberty by extending its abhorrence of Judeo-Christian values, enshrined in the Holy Bible and espoused in the Constitution. When a culture is surrounded by wicked unrelenting patterns of assault on human decency, the environment where corruption exists will flourish. Simply said, through divine guidance and wisdom of the ages, America reaps what it sows. The promulgation of dissident philosophies of governance that are baseless - and allows mass suffering as a requirement for control of its inhabitants - is a theme reinforced by various forces that view a democratic republic with disdain. The psychological impact of this mindset, endorsed by dangerous establishment oriented government intervention and imprudent surrogates, is to abandon sound, principled behavior that lifts the human condition. America is at a crossroads. When a preponderance of evil is intertwined within the fabric of a civilization known for its past embrace of universal virtues from its Creator - the road towards perdition is inevitable. The tragedy of this past Wednesday is America's cry for help, as the mental health of this nation is in need of prayers for serenity.

 Will prayers by a discerning, courageous segment of the population, be heard?

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on February 17th, 2018 11:46 AMPost a Comment

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