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November 5th, 2016 5:54 PM

Dear Friends,
In 3 days, Americans will know the future direction of this nation.
The main candidates for President have opposing beliefs in regards to the principles that sustain a democratic republic and the understanding of one's personal sovereignty as described in the Constitution.
The Democratic nominee is plagued by an avalanche of corruption exposed by hacked email correspondence from a private server that has placed the security of the American people at risk. Notwithstanding, an ongoing FBI investigation of a foundation established as a charity by the 42nd US President, has been allegedly utilized to garner substantial personal income from foreign governments as a 'pay to play' scheme involving the former Madame Secretary of State. This disclosure continues to reveal a level of fraud and dishonesty that is overwhelming in scope, leaked to the general public by powerful covert forces within the US government, by concerned intelligence operatives outside of its direct jurisdiction and an organization located in Europe.
The details of a massive corruption that combines the US government, the main street media, foreign interests and crony business entities, has become a daily briefing of revelations documenting the pernicious contempt for the welfare of the American people.

Not since Watergate, has the American people been subjected to a systemic cover-up in which the loss of trust at the highest levels of government, has become an activity that demonstrates the mental afflictions of a disreputable bureaucracy. Perhaps, the high crimes alleged to have occurred by an elite quartet through technological correspondence unknown to exist in 1974, pales in comparison or in substance with the breaking and entering of a political party's headquarters, an 18 1/2 minute gap on a recorded conversation and the subsequent concealment of the burglary by the 37th President along with a handful of his subordinates. However, the revelations of disinformation in today's America can be construed as one of the most egregious forms of corruption ever orchestrated in this nation's history.

Many of us remember the testimony given by the White House Counsel at the Senate Watergate hearings in June of 1973, when he advised the President there was a 'cancer on the presidency' due to the compounding problems associated with the deception of the American people.
Ironically, today's 'cancerous' affliction has been revealed by emails that divulge the true nature of those seeking America's approval of its own destruction, by an 'establishment' unwilling to relinquish their 'control' of its inhabitants.

Dr. Charles Stanley, a man of great wisdom, has delivered a message all Americans must hear.
 We must PRAY FOR THIS NATION and ask for forgiveness.
God will hear our prayers!
The power of prayer for the restoration of America's character is the ultimate expression of our deep and abiding love for this great nation.
 On Tuesday, November 8th, our prayers will be answered when we ask to be delivered from evil.
 We also acknowledge the perseverance of faith by our declarations in assisting the less fortunate and for those in turmoil.
 May God in His infinite wisdom, forgive America for indiscretions by individuals entrusted to represent our benevolent interests.
May God continue to bless America.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

The last political post will be written on Wednesday, November 9th.

History may be repeating itself as the generalities of the 1980 General Election are similar to the 2016 Presidential Campaign.
I encourage everyone to vote as though the entire world is depending on you!
Vote this coming Tuesday and never be discouraged!

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on November 5th, 2016 5:54 PMPost a Comment

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