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October 24th, 2016 12:41 PM

Dear Friends,
Many years ago as a Political Science major, I was required to take several courses on Statistics and its relevance in determining the outcome of elections. The number of persons interviewed in a poll will reflect the margin of error, which is truly important if you're polling 500 or 1500 respondents. Most credible polls have a 3% margin which is considered standard and acceptable. While it is highly recommended that Republicans, Democrats and Independents must be on an equal footing of 33 1/3% in order to gain legitimacy in an election survey, the American electorate has been manipulated to believe the current Democratic candidate has a 12% lead over the Republican in a poll that was released just recently.
 The method of choice for entities that lack integrity, is to 'over sample' members of a political party to skew the results in such a manner to create the illusion this particular candidate is winning, and to create a sense of despondency for the supporters of the candidate that is truly leading in the poll.
This ironic example is happening today, before our very eyes!
America is being 'duped' to believe the General Election has already been decided, and their incessant bias for the Democrat in the poll reenforces the vacuous attempts the media will do to mislead and hide the truth. Inasmuch as the concept of journalism lacks validity nowadays, this profession no longer explores all avenues of investigation to seek the truth, as we must never be complacent or naive to believe in the content that is disseminated as justifiable.

Of all the Presidential Campaigns in American history, the organized and inappropriate attempts in destroying the validity of the Republican candidate by the media this election year, can be considered unprecedented. For those that remember the 1980 General Election, the Republican candidate was trailing the incumbent President during the last week before Election Day by at least 6 percentage points. A landslide of historical proportions in the Electoral College became a reality, when America voted by a margin of 51% to 47% to elect a new President. There are additional examples where there were uncertain outcomes during the 1948 and 2000 Presidential Elections.
The American people must also come to terms that election fraud is a reality. It is foolhardy to believe deception is not evident, when the deceased, among other unorthodox practitioners of fraud, are able to cast their ballots. When voting machines in 16 States are under scrutiny due to the political leanings of its manufacturer, one wonders if the democratic process has become inoperative.

My advice for those members of American society that have had enough of corruption, scandal and deceit, is to have faith in your convictions and never lose confidence in regards to the outcome of this election. Do not be intimidated or manipulated by individuals willing to sell their souls to maintain their 'power', as they will become impoverished by their actions at an appropriate time in their lives.
The future of America is in the hands of those that truly love this nation.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

In this election, it is my understanding there are 2 Polling Companies that are considered impartial and offer scientific results.
 Rasmussen Reports and the Investors Business Daily IBD/Tipp Poll are the most accurate.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on October 24th, 2016 12:41 PMPost a Comment

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