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March 29th, 2015 8:48 PM

Dear Friends,
Truly, the most anticipated event that can universally win the approval of our hearts in this world, would be the procurement of peace in our time.
In Scripture we are reminded in Matthew 5:9, 'Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God.'
While the word of God speaks and reveals the truth through every passage, those who purport to be peacemakers in our society today, are deliberately transforming events that will ultimately place the entire world in grave danger.
In essence, we have 3 important participants or entities that seek peace in the Middle East. Their interpretation of what peace can manifest through their observations, denotes survival or destruction. Of all the participants chosen by destiny to plan a course for the end of hostilities, the wisdom of the Israeli Prime Minister is the voice that offers a lasting foundation for the future.
As you are aware, the Prime Minister addressed a Joint Session of Congress earlier this month to highlight the consequences of an agreement the United States is formulating with the government of Iran. It is well known by many, the United States has come to an understanding that will allow Iran to enrich the minerals necessary in order to develop nuclear capabilities. This new doctrine by the American government, is viewed as a precursor towards instability of the Middle East. This destabilizing agreement once ratified and/or enforced, will ultimately lead to nuclear proliferation in the region.
The head of this government along with its supporters in the media and other entities, have made it known their animus towards Israel. The complete desecration of friendly diplomatic relations with the only democracy in the Middle East, has deeply saddened and enraged peace loving Americans and those of like minds throughout the world.

Our Current Situation
If we had to begin at the beginning, as we've heard others say, Americans made a grievous and momentous error in the General Elections for President in 2008 and 2012. We are now living on borrowed time or uncharted territory, as everything we have become to embrace as sane and worthy of principled convictions, from believing the high ideals of governance in the Constitution, the path to end tyranny in the Declaration of Independence and the heritage of Judeo Christian beliefs in which our rights come from our Creator, has been denounced and excoriated by those we've elected to represent our sovereign interests. The US Government has determined that our allies are now considered enemies and our enemies are now considered our allies. This new and disastrous diplomatic interpretation of disorder, will be our own undoing. To abandon nations that have understood our mission to expand human rights by promoting and fighting for democratic principles, is a consequence that has the ability to harm the integrity of this nation and its eventual downfall.
I can continue to mention the disaster America and the world awaits, but in our hearts we know there is something painfully wrong in this country. We see it all around. The hatred, the divisiveness, the dishonesty amongst our 'leaders' and 'looking the other way' when the problem is right in front of us. The corruption of government in both political parties has become a mainstay, while the media and big business continue its demoralizing tactics to hide the truth and to profit from the income generated by crony capitalism. This moral collapse, has created the despair of those seeking refuge from the madness of a powerful minority that must end its self absorption for this nation to survive. The personalities we've encountered today and during the recent past, has revealed their antecedent behaviors of arrogance, hubris and narcissism which has led to the circumstances we now confront.

A History Lesson
With this backdrop, the US Government has gathered its supporters to negotiate with an enemy that has used ts influence, power and resources to harm peace loving nations by fomenting terrorism around the world. In hindsight, to allow the production of a nuclear bomb, is the error and dangerous act of appeasement only the 59th British Prime Minister would fully understand. Ironically, while history has been unkind to Mr. Chamberlain, I would surmise he would have declined the production of nuclear capabilities if he were at the bargaining table today.
 'I believe it is peace for our time' he uttered, only to see the loss of lives in the millions and complete destruction by the sheer madness of World War II.
 Unfortunately, history has a way of repeating itself, even though the circumstances may be similar, the cast of characters may have vast differences in ideology or temperament.

The Need For Prayer In America
Today is the beginning of Holy Week. During this week many of the faithful and the humble souls that have acquired a discerning nature, and the gift of wisdom, will fully recognize the importance in the course of human events that are transpiring before our very eyes. I have mentioned the power of prayer is the only remedy known to man to move mountains and to move governments to do the right thing.

Before I went to church this morning, I viewed the IN TOUCH program online in which Dr. Charles Stanley of the First Baptist Church in Atlanta urged Americans to pray for our nation.
 (www.intouch.org/watch/a-call-to-prayer  "A Call To Prayer")
As a regular viewer for many years, I was deeply moved by Dr. Stanley's intense and passionate sermon that America must confront the deliberate unraveling of a nation.
We have been blessed without measure. However, the contemptuous actions that allow the architects of evil to harm or do their utmost to invalidate the lives of stout, disciplined and courageous Americans, will never see the light of day.
 It's time to end what was never meant to be.
God help us all.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on March 29th, 2015 8:48 PMPost a Comment

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