January 27th, 2018 1:01 PM
Dear Friends,
A short time ago, our President was in Switzerland for an economic summit where he mentioned the desire for Peace and Prosperity for the entire world. Both concepts are intertwined, as a nation or an individual is unable to prosper without peace and peace is unattainable when prosperity does not exist. All of us throughout history have had a yearning or an eagerness to live without challenges that pose harm to our families and loved ones. We also seek to better our communities by the respect we offer those in high level positions by the trust we place in them. Unfortunately, human nature does not allow the tranquil or compassionate display of affection for others when the truth is not embraced. While this reaction is tormenting, many of us have the discerning capacity to comprehend the various elements that allows our thoughts to recognize the value of one's presence in this life.
The financial future of America is full of optimism! It is my understanding all levels of economic growth have risen to levels not seen in historic terms since the aftermath of the Great Depression. The American people acknowledge their present status and appreciate the 'lift' that has occurred. The actions of the current government administration and the aggressive hands-on approach of the 45th President, are components that elevates the theoretical principles of Peace and Prosperity in assisting the human condition throughout the world. When an opposition political party, a biased media and misguided dissidents are unable to grasp the profound importance of enactments designed to eliminate poverty and despondency within a nation, the true motivation of these entities has been exposed. The arduous determination of those professing an ideology that controls all aspects of one's existence continues its destructive approach. The time has come for a segment of Americans to end their hatred, division and an obsession to defame those with opposing mainstream logical views of governance.

One of the main methods for fulfillment in a fallen world is to prosper, not specifically in material wealth but by the resplendent virtues of living a magnanimous life. The peace we exhibit towards others is a direct result of how we view our station in life. The booming American economy is a policy that benefits everyone! The US government's actions are on the right course, as Peace and Prosperity is truly considered a domestic and foreign policy worthy of promotion.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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