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October 6th, 2018 1:09 PM

Dear Friends,

It was on October 7th, 1989 that MoneyTeam began its operations. This date was officially chosen - as I wanted to have a big celebration - as it's also my birthday!

 Throughout the 29 years in business, the mortgage industry has encountered specific changes in the manner a loan applicant is able to be approved for a refinance on their home or for a purchase transaction. We've seen continuous modifications in underwriting guidelines, while current procedures for an approval has been streamlined. It takes time for one to plan and gather the documents and personal information a borrower must have, for the expeditious processing of a mortgage loan.

MoneyTeam has weathered financial storms. Concurrently, many Americans have also suffered from foreclosures or bankruptcies during the 'Great Recession' and its aftermath. It takes faith and perseverance for one to overcome the pain created by the ineptitude of government financial policies.  Nevertheless, we can be encouraged as the direction of America's economic health is finally on track. Unfortunately as of now, we are seeing a gradual rise in mortgage rates due to the overwhelming uplifting economic fortunes we've experienced since the 2016 General Election. When inflation is curtailed by an incessant recognition of its detrimental effects by all Americans, the rise in interest rates will occur sporadically.

In a few years I will retire and live the life I was meant to live before I'm called Home. Until that time, I want to sincerely thank you for your patronage during the many years you've helped MoneyTeam thrive!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on October 6th, 2018 1:09 PMPost a Comment

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