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Dear Friends,

There is a dark cloud hanging over the souls of those that have a caring spirit. When it seems as though the entire world has lost its bearings by the evil grievances of a minority, will peace of mind ever see the light of day?
For many, the continuous hatred, violence and terror inflicted on innocent lives has made one's surroundings treacherous, personal patterns of optimism suspect and the ongoing stress in one's lives debilitating.
Every day we are confronted by challenged personalities streaming their disorders on a level that affects the benign environment we do our best to cultivate. There are powerful forces that run counter to our aspirations as we strive to live peaceful, virtuous and rewarding lives.

In the last post, I discussed the ramifications of Watergate and its effects on American society today. In his resignation speech that evening, the disgraced 37th President compelled to say, 'As President, I must put the interests of the nation first. America needs a full time President.' Forty years later, the same verbiage has an ironic twist. Americans do need a full time President. We need a President working in the Oval Office on our behalf, not utilizing a golf course for an office. Unfortunately, this and other disreputable examples set by the current head of this government, along with policies orchestrated to divide its citizens, has numerous Americans distraught with anger at the misconduct this nation has witnessed in a span of a few short years.
The behavior the entire world has witnessed from these actions, are appalling.

When the President delivers a speech castigating the terror organization that brutally beheaded an American journalist, captive in Iraq for over 2 years and moments later, there are photographs in which the entire world views him at a golf course enjoying himself with his friends, one can only grimace in pain and bluntly ask, 'What has happened to the conscience and civility of America'?
When America's children and its adults view the desensitized approach of a reaction such as we have witnessed a few days ago, is there any hope left for a nation losing its ability to fight those that are insensitive to the plight of so many?
While scandals under this government has a relentless life of its own, one can only wonder when the next proverbial shoe is scheduled to drop. When will Americans decide to end their lethargy, stand up for what is right, care about the direction of their country and finally take notice?
It has been mentioned there will be civil unrest across the country, if the head of this government decides to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens by executive order, circumventing immigration laws, the will of the Congress and a majority of Americans. If this is to occur, America as we know it, will truly be 'transformed' and unrecognizable as a republic. The Constitutional crisis will divide this nation with such intensity, the plans for unraveling the freedoms in which we've become accustomed, will eventually come to pass.

The developments at our Southern border continues.
Americans are generous to a fault. The humanitarian challenge of assisting those entering this country is well documented. Unfortunately, the manipulation of Central American children, their families and the malcontents invited to seek 'asylum', is designed to change the demographics of conservative election districts, so when amnesty is declared, the rush to vote for a Democratic Party ticket is sustained. Political scientists overwhelmingly believe the flux of these immigrants once granted amnesty, will vote for a Democrat due to the welfare benefits and the bounty awaiting them. As an Independent, a mammoth undertaking in education must take place, to dispel any notion that 'compassion' by this government was the driving force for their safe passage in crossing the US border with open arms. Total control of one's life as a result of government malfeasance, cheap labor as viewed by those in big business, and the resentment of American citizens towards these newest immigrants, are consequences attributed to political concepts devised on a college blackboard or in the Situation Room. There will be a disruption in the ability of American citizens to provide food or shelter for their loved one's, due to the influx of migrants in direct competition for employment opportunities. Consequently, the rise in taxes to feed those unable to help themselves, the disproportionate amount of children sent to schools of all grades across the country and the overwhelming demand for health and public services, are a direct result of the 'false compassion' promulgated by powerful forces conspired to change America permanently.
I am not a clairvoyant nor an evangelist. There have been times in my life I thought I had a calling for both. The spirit of discernment and common sense are all that is required, to decipher the plans for our lives discharged by those in authority. Nonetheless, these observations are known by numerous individuals that are privy to the motivations of those in powerful positions. One can sit in front of the computer, surfing websites and videos that purport to reveal every secret known to man! While spending a weekend afternoon exploring the highs and lows of opinion from every angle, one can surmise this nation is on the brink.

Furthermore, the demonstrations that have occurred in Missouri due to the shooting death of an African American teenager by a white Police Officer, has resulted in hatred, violence and the destruction of private property. Throughout American history, this has become the manner in which a community demonstrates its approach towards injustice and prejudice or its perception. These events should sadden all Americans, as a rush to judgement never accomplishes justice or peace. One must wait for all the facts to be revealed and allow the community to fully recognize the series of events that contributed to this confrontation.
It was reported that many protestors from outside of the community were arrested by their disruptive demonstrations, only to increase the distress and anguish of those directly affected by the circumstances which occurred days before.

Leaders are nowhere to be found in today's America.
It saddens me greatly that I must look to the past to find individuals of substance and character for direction, during a time such as this, in which America needs healing and a restoration of confidence.

Former US Attorney General under President Kennedy and New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy comes to mind. Americans of our generation remember the night in which he delivered an impassioned plea for calm and forgiveness to those in attendance, the day Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. During his political career, he was genuine and sincere by fighting for the rights of the oppressed, and in concerted efforts, a devotion to overcome the scourge of prejudice, injustice and poverty.

I also remember President Reagan. He was an optimistic man and was known as 'The Great Communicator', for his natural conversational approach in solving America's problems. A debt of gratitude will always be attributed to his relentless pursuit to end the Cold War, the triumph over Communism, the revival of the economy and the respect he earned from world leaders. His love for America was reciprocated by landslide electoral victories and the outpouring of grief at his passing.

Today, sadly, America has given up on itself.
We have mediocre, corrupt, inept politicians in both parties, afflicted with a malady of self absorption, only known to grow in perpetuity within the minds of their own dysfunctional personalities. The forces of government, big business and the media are all complicit in this decline and a resurrection in the manifestations of prayer, is the only method to end this affliction.
The power of prayer is the prescription widely recommended, in order to conquer the desires of those willing to cause undue harm on the American people. Throughout all the trials we've suffered, an opportunity has arisen to end the measures contrived by powerful forces to divide our communities.
 Now is the time to take a few minutes from busy lives and contemplate our futures. America needs honorable and integrity based men and women to lead this nation from complacency. I for one, will pray today for the Lord to continue His blessings and direct our path. In due time and from personal experience, God will answer our prayers.
We just have to ask.

Thanks Again

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