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January 23rd, 2014 11:26 AM


Dear Friends,

For the last week or so, I've had a bout with the flu. I've been taking over the counter medicine and drinking several glasses of green tea and orange juice to help alleviate the symptoms. I do my best to keep my burdens to myself, but when my friend Melissa was made aware of my condition due to my gravelly voice, she dropped everything and began toiling in her kitchen preparing chicken soup from scratch! I'm feeling better just knowing that I have a dear friend helping me when I need assistance the most. For a fleeting moment I was considering going to the nearby pharmacy to get a flu shot, but I've decided against it, as I've heard so many stories of side effects that can place your overall health in jeopardy.

While I was bedridden, I used the time to be on the internet to view all kinds of personal stories or entertainment of my favorite artists, that have peaked my interest for some time. I was deeply moved by the challenges Susan Boyle http://youtu.be/wC1RRHl1ggQ has had to overcome, as her affliction with Aspergers' Syndrome was recently diagnosed. We came to learn Susan has been suffering from fear, panic attacks or the dread of living in confidence throughout her entire life. She has set her mind to overcome this condition, as we've become observers to the brave and courageous attempts in performing before a live audience for the first time.
Several years ago, the TeamBlog highlighted Susan as the inspiration many of us desire, for those that are down on their luck or downtrodden from the harsh realities of life. Her spectacular lift from obscurity as a contestant in a British talent competition, has changed and impacted her life and those of others, by our enjoyment of a rare voice that could only have originated from up above!

I also viewed an interview conducted on a 1950's public affairs interview program with Minnesota Senator Hubert Humphrey. Longines Chronoscope http://youtu.be/pz9aRhgUyGw was developed in the 1950's and was broadcast at least 3 times a week. While this interview with the Senator was held in December of 1953, I was astonished to learn that many of the concerns from a generation ago are similar to those we have in this country today. The responses to the questions in regards to the economy, foreign policy and the suspicions of Communists within the US government, are issues that can easily be debated today. I met the former Vice President in 1972 while I was a cub reporter for my high school radio station. If he won the Presidency just 4 years earlier, Watergate and the intrigue of government scandal that led to a resignation, would never have occurred.

My adventure continued as I viewed old television programs and videos of evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman. I remember her from years past as she was well known during the 1960's and 1970's. Just viewing several of her appearances before large groups or on the 'I Believe In Miracles' program, http://youtu.be/5v2eRiV_jvk I was able to appreciate the awesome power she was granted by the Holy Spirit, to heal and comfort those in need. 

I also had the time to enjoy performances by 'The King', Elvis Presley. Elvis was the consummate performer! Along with his ability to entertain on stage, he also devoted his time and efforts in singing Gospel hymns that many of us have known for years. I viewed a documentary http://youtu.be/W3gUiDcDIrI that highlighted the last 24 hours of his life. His death was truly a shock and many of us were deeply saddened when we heard the news. Even though he's gone, his music lives on!

The last video I viewed concerned the aftermath of Cuba after the 1959 Revolution. As you know from previous postings, I was born in Havana and fled the country with my brothers in 1962. My parents were unable to leave the island until 4 years later. The wealth of this island nation in 1959 was euphoric as the overall economy and income per capita was off the charts! Over 50+ years later, Cuba remains one of the poorest countries in Latin America.  Unfortunately, there are those that have delusional concepts of a nation having a health care system to be envied or a view in which food rationing, dilapidated commercial buildings, American vehicles from the 1950's at every turn and the loss of basic freedoms, offer the charm not found in their own homeland. While this 'time warp' of an existence can be viewed as an episode in 'The Twilight Zone', http://youtu.be/9Z_BDTapLms one only wonders when families can be reunited or when the suffering can finally end.

After my excursion with YouTube, which was educational and entertaining, I feel much better today after having up to 7 servings of Melissa' Zee's chicken soup in just 2 days time!
This flu that's going around is powerful! Be careful and protect yourself! Old fashioned remedies are the best! If you would like Melissa's chicken soup recipe, please email me at moneyteamusa@aol.com.

Thanks Again

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on January 23rd, 2014 11:26 AMPost a Comment

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