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Dear Friends,

Before I delve into my curmudgeon attacks on what I know to be the scourge of Western Civilization, I would like to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day! For many years I've been having my share of Green Beer and my fill of Corned Beef & Cabbage at Tom Bergin's on Fairfax. It is my understanding the bar is not open today as there are continued construction delays in renovating the property. This would be the first time in 75 years they'll be closed on such a momentous day! Oh well, not to worry. I'll be heading to the Farmer's Market just a short distance away later this evening for my yearly excursion in celebrating Ireland's Patron Saint. You're all invited!

MoneyTeam WebSite Additions

In other news, you may have noticed we have added additional pages to the MoneyTeam website. In order to provide timely information in regards to the concerns many have encountered in the marketplace and our attempts to help alleviate one's anxiety, we hope these pages are worthwhile. 

1. Foreclosure Postponement - In California and throughout the country, foreclosures continue to destroy the lives of homeowners unable to pay their mortgage due to financial collapse. MoneyTeam has teamed up with a reputable law firm in postponing measures from banks and financial institutions to delay harmful actions until a loan modification or a consideration for a HAMP or HARP transaction can occur.

2. Buy Or Sell - Please consider MoneyTeam if you are seeking to purchase a new property or if you are eager to sell your current home. Our office along with our associates, will work diligently on your behalf to market your property. If you are seeking to purchase a home, MoneyTeam will pre-qualify you. Keep us in mind for both scenarios.

3. Daily Lock Advisory - The advice from economists in the mortgage industry is a valuable tool, as they review activity in the financial markets and provide recommendations when it would be best to lock-in your loan. The bond market, especially the 10 Year Treasury is considered the main source for mortgage interest rate activity.

4. Team Effort - MoneyTeam is posting on a regular basis, recommendations for businesses and services offered by our current and previous clients. In a community where trust, commitment and satisfaction are at times difficult to find, we are confident in our attempts to help those searching for honest proprietors. We encourage you to patronize those members mentioned on our site.

5. Team Open House - This is a listing of current properties for sale. Please call our office if you would like to view the homes we're offering.

6. Our Team Cares - MoneyTeam has established a charity where your donations would be given to individuals or families when an owner occupied property has been lost to foreclosure. We will provide the funds requested to help alleviate the suffering and the despair of those living on the street through the actions of eviction by banks and financial institutions. Food, clothing and shelter are needed for these poor souls.

For almost 23 years, MoneyTeam has helped countless Californians in obtaining the 'American Dream'. For the past several years, we have witnessed and experienced the vacuous 'hope and change' where citizens continue to suffer from the arrogance, dishonesty and incompetence of a new breed of 'money changers' in goverment, business and the media.

The time for all good men to rise to the occasion, is now upon us.

Thanks Again

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