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May 18th, 2012 11:57 PM

Dear Friends,

Just the other day I noticed that during the past year I rarely have had the desire to watch television. There would be weeks where I would not turn on the set as my motivation to do so no longer had a rationale. I do not have cable so many of the discussions on news channels and entertainment of any importance are left to my active imagination.

There are several reasons that come to mind for my listless desire to view anything on the tube. Certainly the content over the years has changed from a wholesome gathering of family and friends towards a steady stream of graphic dramas where murders, sexual extremities and immorality are common place. While this is the script of a modern society in prime time, not all is corrupt as it seems. While there are channels devoted to nature, religion and sports, the hours devoted from 7:00 PM until 11:00 PM  on the major channels, provide the viewer with an ongoing manifestation of repetition, which scatters one's ability to reason or to view life as bountiful and full of joy.

I also have come across the perception that television news has become a form of entertainment and is devoid of journalistic integrity. We are now subjected to pretty people that have mastered the reading of a teleprompter, in order to overcome the frailties of actually reporting the news as unbiased. To this end, I have begun to play the 'News Game' where I take a deep breath and utilize my ability of discernment to extrapolate the veracity of one's news story if and when I decide to view a tv newscast. With this in mind, I rarely view the Sunday news shows as I once did. Ever since the passing of Tim Russert in 2008, the moderators and the guests themselves have become redundant and they no longer hold my interest. I have ended my persecution by ceasing to listen to such drivel. The powers at be have instrumented a disturbing concept by abandoning the truth while elevating propaganda as the penultimate authority in all commentaries and visions of a society without discord. This type of manufactured, controlled and destructive escape from reality, has been tried and failed in other countries. Such contempt for journalistic integrity is a harbinger of what is yet to come, or better said, the handiwork of those involved in deception has harmed the free will of all Americans.

Due to the evolving sentiment that I have encountered during the past year in regards to my viewing habits, I'm enamored with the new media. The internet has become a fascinating tool, where one can come to appreciate the truth. Notwithstanding, in my reviews of various sites and in gathering information for my personal and business interests, I have come across attempts by entities to censor content and information which can be considered prejudicial or harmful to their organizations. While these activities are occurring, one must be reminded Americans live in a nation where free speech is still considered a basic right. The desire of the powerful to dilute the freedoms we have earned by the sacrifices of previous generations and the Constitution itself, one can only wonder where the loss of liberty will ultimately lead. 

During this chapter of American history, the conglomeration of government, business and the media has by design conspired to control and manipulate the country at large by obfuscating the truth. On any topic where the powerful have a perceived interest contrary to our own, I advise all my dear friends to adopt the 'News Game' as protection from misrepresentation.

Most of us know full well the mainstream media has lost its hold on those seeking direct unambiguous and credible reporting. By my estimation, there are more investigative reporters on the web, digging for facts wherever it may lead, than any of the main news channels or newspapers as they devote their priorities by enabling a shrewd form of censorship. As I discussed in the TeamBlog dated 4/8/2012, revelations of malfeasance has come to light. Additional disclosures during the coming months may rock the foundations of our society. We must not fear or be anxious about our futures, as the truth once revealed will indeed set this nation free.


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The readership for the TeamBlog has increased remarkably. I am sincerely grateful for your participation and please mention our blog to your family, friends and business associates.

The love and protection of our children and grandchildren is the responsibility we must embrace as compassionate Americans. Their futures are jeopardized by the inept and destructive encroachment of the most powerful in our lives. There are courageous men and women that have acquired the gift of discernment and fully understand the pain and suffering many have endured. We do not know when our prayers will be answered but we do know the time is truly fast approaching.

Thanks Again   

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on May 18th, 2012 11:57 PMPost a Comment

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