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January 6th, 2010 3:23 PM

Dear Friends,

While celebrating the entrance of a new decade last Thursday on New Years Eve, it was fun to sing karioke with my newest friends! It's been a very long time since I had the good fortune of singing 'My Way' to a packed audience and I was recognized for my ability to hold a tune. I am reminded that small wonders such as this in my life never cease! Where one has so many responsibilities of a personal or business nature, one tends to forget the simple pleasures and the need to enjoy life to the fullest! Indeed it's a rare sighting to see Mr. Dorado in such good spirits, if I say so myself!

As you are aware, in all of our lives, there are periods or years that are best forgotten. Undoubtedly, last year was one of the most challenging financially I have ever experienced. In my attempts to review these events in a manner where lessons are learned and wisdom is found once a thorough understanding is reached, I have no regrets! We all learn from our mistakes or the inability to take advantage of opportunities once presented. With this in mind, I'm hopeful 2010 will be a year of mending the errors and the shortcomings of a time which was destined to be. In this spirit, I wish everyone God Speed and the bountiful blessings of a Prosperous & Happy New Year for you and your family!

Thanks Again      

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on January 6th, 2010 3:23 PMPost a Comment

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