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August 23rd, 2017 2:21 PM

Dear Friends,
For the past several weeks I've noticed that when I enter my favorite coffee and bagel shops in Los Angeles, I've been hearing the sound of Cuban music in the background! As an American born in Havana, I am grateful the managers of these establishments have an appreciation for the music that has the ability to lift one's spirits during the course of a busy day.
One of the tunes known as the ultimate expression of freedom in a world where the loss of liberty is advancing as a threat to one's sovereignty, is Guantanamera. The lyrics written by Jose Marti, a 'sincere' man devoted to Cuba's independence from Spain over a century ago, is well known by everyone who loves autonomy and self-determination.
I will always remember my beloved father's advise. He mentioned it's best to live independent from the encroachment of government or other individuals when they seek to manipulate and advance their unscrupulous inclinations on one's life.
It is truly unfortunate Jose Marti's devotion to live without oppression, has been toppled by communism in a nation he so deeply loved. I can use this patriot's example for the transgressions in which freedom of speech has been excoriated on college campuses, the deceptive practices of the media, Congress, and other distinct manifestations of power in this country.

The simple first verses of Guantanamera will always remind us of our true convictions, when we embrace a life of inordinate integrity in a fallen world.

Yo soy un hombre sincero
De donde crece la palma,
Y antes de morir yo quiero
Echar mis versos del alma

I am an honest man
From where the palm tree grows
And before I die, I want
To pour the verses of my soul

There are passionate renditions of Guantanamera performed by artists that you might not know or heard in a long time. I've chosen 4 musical accomplishments. Celia Cruz, Joan Baez, The Sandpipers and Playing For Change are remarkable! You will appreciate a true presence of spirit in which freedom from all impediments surrounds you.
 Perhaps Guantanamera can help restore the true meaning of America's originating values, as a catalyst to heal this nation from the treacherous forces of evil.

Playing For Change https://youtu.be/blUSVALW_Z4

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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