October 4th, 2019 11:20 AM

Dear Friends,

On Monday, October 7th, MoneyTeam will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary in originating mortgage loans! I never knew an achievement of this magnitude could ever occur, as there were times that MoneyTeam had to rely on friends and benefactors to survive various financial downturns throughout the years. Nevertheless, current changes in the mortgage industry has enabled many Americans the ability to purchase or refinance properties with reasonable rates and common sense underwriting guidelines.

MoneyTeam has done its best under various circumstances to assist thousands of borrowers with their financial concerns. While it's a wonderful feeling to be reminded of the numerous loan transaction approvals, one can also come to grips of the denials that were in abundance during 'The Great Recession'. With that said, the future of MoneyTeam is in God's hands, as there can be unknown factors, out of our control, that will decide on how we are to proceed.

Next week the MoneyTeam website will be updated with new loan programs and a change in the types of loan programs that will be offered.

I want to thank all of our previous clients that have become dear friends - as your presence in my life has been truly heart warming!

Thanks again for your continuous support for 30 Years!

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