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August 9th, 2013 9:17 AM

Dear Friends,

America's anxiety never ends as we are informed by government officials that terrorists 'chatter' has compelled the closing of over 20 US Embassies in the Middle East. There are others in this nation that have acquired a cynical approach to this situation. In order to escape the daily conversations of 'phony scandals' and the deaths of a US Ambassador and 3 Americans on 9/11/12, the closings are an attempt to draw attention elsewhere. How is this action credible when the head of this government plays golf on Sunday and is a guest on The Tonight Show on Tuesday? We also have Senators flying to Egypt, when advisories from the US State Department warn all American citizens of potential harm if traveling in the Middle East.

With the utmost respect for Jay Leno, who happens to be one of my favorite comedians, is The Tonight Show the logical and the most prudent venue to discuss an imminent terrorist attack on an Embassy in the Middle East or an attack on American soil? As a naturalized American born in Cuba, I was too young to understand the serious events which led to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.  While one may compare today's torment with the tumultuous activities over a generation ago, I would believe President Kennedy would not have appeared on the Jack Paar show to inform Americans of the threat of a direct confrontation with the Russians. Matters of this importance must be delivered in a manner that respects the severity of the issue. Most importantly, the head of this government must acknowledge respect for the American people by delivering such grave news in a location devoid of an environment where entertainment or comedy exists. Many Americans are asleep before midnight and news of an impending strife which could result in casualties or a disaster in the making, must be televised at an hour where exposure is the greatest. Mixed signals can only occur and cynicism flourishes, when Americans are denied information that could impact family or friends abroad, one's safety and the entire nation.

President Kennedy delivers the sobering news to all Americans from the Oval Office: http://youtu.be/bOnY6b-qy_8nt

Today, if we had true statesman entrusted with the safety of all Americans, I would surmise every effort would be directed to end this conflict, thereby gaining the respect and goodwill of its citizens. Notwithstanding, the entire world would comprehend the sober and deliberating convictions of the US, in its genuine efforts to develop and maintain diplomatic channels to solve differences.

By all accounts, the circumstances which led to the closings of the embassies would never have occurred if individuals of sober temperament, logic and intelligence were employed. America is no longer viewed with respect by nations in the Middle East. Haphazard attempts have been made to promote America's interests in a region unprepared to accept recommendations which are contrary to the traditions of its population. We truly need competence, discernment and wisdom in those we elect to public office. It's not easy to find men or women with these attributes, due to the wicked destruction of personality so desirous of the establishment media complex.  

Many Americans, myself included, have seen their blood pressures rise due to the complete evisceration of the values instilled since childhood, sincerely recognized as the basis for our personal growth as adults. The unraveling of a once thriving society continues its metamorphosis. The will to escape from a manufactured beast of the powerful, developed by government, media and business interests, has become an all encompassing battle by those fighting to end the oppression it creates. This is why Americans in large numbers are losing their ability to combat the disastrous effects of a 'transformation', which was never required, wanted nor accepted.

Thanks Again

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on August 9th, 2013 9:17 AMPost a Comment

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