January 16th, 2009 8:24 PM

Dear Friends,

Americans now know there is a HERO living in our midsts! The miraculous maneuvers of Pilot 'Sully' Sullenberger in the landing of the US AIRWAYS passenger plane on the Hudson River yesterday afternoon, was truly miraculous in scope and execution! No lives were lost and a genuine story of this magnitude was indeed the tonic Americans longed for.

From the deluge of chronic depressing financial news and the 'hot air' on Capitol Hill, we are transfixed on a real life drama which has given us time to reflect on our circumstances and has reenforced our faith for a miraculous outcome similar to the 155 passengers on Flight#1549 .

While we are suffering the effects of the Recession, we can appreciate the turbulence anyone of us may have if our lives or those of our loved ones are lost through such a tragedy. The love of life is the most important aspect of one's ability to transcend. Life is precious. We are reminded once again of its unpredictability if our lives were placed in jeopardy under a similar occurrence. Pilot 'Sully' has given us a chance to reflect on our lives and has given many of us the faith that miracles do indeed happen!

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Martin Luther King

"I have seen the Promised Land!"

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The California Budget

Our Governor and the Legislature are at an impasse on the course of action to take, in order to help resolve the current fiscal deficit blowout of over $40 Billion. The 12 minute 'State Of The State' speech delivered by our beleaguered Governor yesterday morning provided few details, if any, on helping to solve this problem.

There has to be an audit of all monies leaving the Treasury. I have always advocated in cutting or eliminating services which are not life threatening. Raising taxes is never a smart decision during a Recession.

The main problem California has and will continue to have, is the chronic pastime by state lawmakers in raising taxes whenever possible then spending the incoming revenues of the taxes just approved. Certainly the Governor is a participant of such convoluted logic by the bills bearing his signature. Nonetheless, there has to be new approaches to end the harm of raising taxes in order to garner new revenue.

Goodbye California

There are more Californians leaving the state due to exorbitant income, property and sale taxes which continue to be approved and gladly administered by Sacramento lawmakers. 

California businesses no longer are confident these tax issues will be resolved anytime soon. Corporations and business executives have seen the writing on the wall and are closing their doors due to the unfriendly and incoherent tax policies which have created economic consequences in a disappearing tax base. While California has its movie stars, celebrities and millionaires galore, our state lawmakers need to be reminded most Californians do not live in luxury and are unable to keep a roof over their heads and provide food for their families. The stranglehold of incompetence or the understanding of lawmakers eager to gain favor of special interests in order to garner funds for one's reelection, is the mindset which permeates throughout. The conviction of many to uphold basic altruism as a philosophy in becoming a public servant, is an ideology unknown to many lawmakers in Sacramento and even in Washington. The day will come soon enough when California is no longer seen as a place to live in harmony, even though the weather today was over 78 Degrees Fahrenheit in Los Angeles!

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