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December 20th, 2007 6:58 PM


Dear Friends,

The Christmas season is upon us once again.

During this period most of us become a better person. We are able to demonstrate to others as well as ourselves our genuine and sincere ability to help those less fortunate. We are also able to provide comfort where needed and to end strife or mend fences with family or friends.

We become a better person just by acknowledging there are aspects in one's life that have lied dormant and we are compelled to resurrect the virtuous thoughts and actions that may have escaped us during the year.

Now is the beholden time to activate our actions toward this fullfillment as we become a more worthy and accomplished individual.

While such ideals and recommendations for a worthy existance and a mode of conduct are desired, we cannot escape the suffering of many Americans due to the mortgage mess we have and will continue to experience for years to come.

This problem is still a recurring nightmare for many Americans. Loss of one's home through foreclosure, inability to refinance due to loss of equity or the new severe requirements imposed by lenders in obtaining a mortgage loan, is a reality which is truly depressing. Our thoughts and prayers are for those that have suffered from this debacle.

We look to the future.

Our positive attitude is uncompromising. 

The strength in our faith is the driving force which will help us to overcome.

MoneyTeam wishes you, your family and friends a Very Merry Chistmas!

P.S. We give thanks to those that helped us on our 8th Annual TEAMTOT TOY DRIVE. We are grateful for your help!

Our office will be closed at 12 NOON on Monday, Christmas Eve, December 24th & Christmas Day, December 25th. We will reopen at 2PM on Wednesday, December 26th.

Thanks Again







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Posted by Jesse Dorado on December 20th, 2007 6:58 PMPost a Comment

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