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May 16th, 2009 11:26 PM

Dear Friends,

If you are a regular reader to the TeamBlog, you have definitely noticed we are not your typical mortgage company. We certainly discuss basic facts in regards to mortgage rates, underwriting guidelines and valuable tips on the documentation needed in order to expedite the processing of one's loan. We also help in other ways by giving discounts on fees for appraisals and other items. There are also discussions regarding the future of the mortgage industry and where interest rates are headed. Most mortgage companies are able to recommend a plan of action for your particular loan request. At MoneyTeam, we too are eager to give all our clients the guidance required for the best decision under most circumstances.

However, when we see the turmoil and the chaos associated with the financial distress many Americans are currently suffering, one is compelled to speak up and mention the abuses and the burdens this nation is facing from the cowardice of those that have placed us in this precarious position. 

Power in the hands of incompetent, corrupt and untrustworthy politicians and those in the business sector, has created an economic debacle not seen during our lifetimes. While the Recession in the late 1970's and early 1980's rivals our current financial calamities, the continued preponderance of foreclosures, job loss, the destruction of manufacturing and our auto industry is just too much for a nation to absorb. Perhaps, with natural disasters of earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, wildfires and floods at every turn, it's no wonder many of us are pondering if we are experiencing the last days. 

In this melange, we are also experiencing the decline of the human condition where integrity and honesty are no longer viewed as virtues. We are becoming a nation devoid of spirit with a deluge of secular viewpoints usurping the natural inclination of liberty and the pursuit of happiness as fostered by the high ideals of Washington, Madison, Jefferson and Lincoln. When we have a government unable or unwilling to administer the power given by the citizens of this country in a manner worthy of its Founding Fathers, the entire basis of democratic principles begins to unravel.

I have spoken to former and current clients, to friends and acquaintances in my capacity and in my ability to provide intelligent and thought provoking opinions in regards to the health of this country.

The drive to stabilize a nation by fostering socialist philosophies in which government intervention in all facets of our existence as the model imposed by the powerful - this is the diatribe which will ultimately disassemble the quest for a perfect union many of us have known and have taken for granted throughout our bountiful lives. When the economy continues to foster a chronic and unsustainable drive towards an unrecognizable hybrid form of capitalism, this will be the day our Republic is driven to its abyss.

The Dealerships

My heart goes out to the many Chrysler and GM dealerships across the country closing their doors. To see this happening before our eyes is tragic. The loss of jobs in small cities and towns throughout this country is the proverbial nail designated to pound on the coffin of American culture and its glorious character. The dishonest and irrational approach of closing dealerships in order to gain market share and revive the American auto industry is a plan only a government bureaucrat could devise.

Let's say I wanted to purchase a Chrysler vehicle in my home town. I just found out today the dealership will be closing their doors and the closest Chrysler dealer is over 100 miles away. This makes it more than likely that I'd think twice before I would buy. It doesn't make sense to purchase a car and have it serviced in the future if you have to drive 100 miles to do so! Common sense is no longer the driving force in many minds and it's lying dormant waiting for the day one can grasp the mantle of leadership this country so desperately needs!

California's Special Election On Tuesday, May 19th

Vote NO!

On ALL the propositions. The politicians in California are not suffering from Swine Flu. It is obvious to any taxpayer in this state, the Governor and the State Legislature are suffering from an addiction to tax anything and everything in order to appease powerful interest groups at the demise of hardworking middle-class Californians. We are not millionaires, we don't smoke Cuban cigars and we do not dye our hair to mask insecurity and we are not impressed with movie stars or has beens. We are exhausted with the 'high society' crowd of the wannabe rich and famous that have no concept of the struggles and the challenges of small business owners or those working at minimum wage levels to provide a roof over their heads or a meal for their family.

Enough of continual tax increases. Do the right thing! VOTE NO on all the measures on the ballot this Tuesday. You, your family, your neighbors and friends will respect your decision as we try to control our destinies from those unable to appreciate the sacrifice we've made to achieve our American dream.

Check www.hjta.org for more information on Proposition 1A. There's no need to vote for additional taxes for another 2 years!

Memorial Day

Our office will be closed on Friday at 2PM, May 22nd. We will open promptly at 10AM on Tuesday, May 26th. Memorial Day is a sacred holiday when we remember the sacrifices made by young men and women for the liberty we have today. Never forget those that have lost their lives so we can live in freedom. Say a prayer for our forces throughout the world and in harms way. In today's America, do your best to never take freedom and our Constitutional rights for granted.

Thanks Again    

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