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March 18th, 2008 9:39 PM

Dear Friends,

The chronic disturbing events that have transpired this month in the US Economy, has created a sense of bewilderment and agony reminiscent of a time not felt by many. The time in question, is also known as The Great Depression.

As an avid student of American history during my University years in the 1970's, the events we are involved in today are similar to the textbook beginnings of turmoil which destroyed the financial institutions in this country.

The lack of faith and trust in the ability of the US Government to restore financial health has deepened the pain and suffering many Americans are currently experiencing.

The facts are numerous. With record foreclosures, increasing unemployment, rising inflation, a devalued US Dollar, a volatile stock market, the loss of equity and depressed values in real estate, a credit crunch where monies are unavailable for loans or investments and the lowering of confidence levels throughout the American population - these are the events and factors promulgating a theme of hopelessness. Add into the mix the Iraq war, the horror of terrorism, the plight of our cities, gang violence, illegal immigration concerns, gas at $4 a gallon and a General Election to boot, you have a cauldron of issues which will manifest itself in a denoument similar to the Crash of '29.

While our financial investments are less in value than, let's say, 1 year ago, we must approach our economic problems with maturity. Spend less, save more, walk more, ride a bus, use mass transit, lower your thermostat, postpone major purchases, cook at home more, refinance your home to a lower fixed rate, be frugal and be prudent in your spending choices. This recipe will lower inflation in the long run, but most importantly, say a Prayer To The Man Upstairs.

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Let us help you & your family during these trying times.

Thanks Again


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Posted by Jesse Dorado on March 18th, 2008 9:39 PMPost a Comment

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