August 1st, 2009 11:56 PM

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Many of us are working harder, longer and with more intensity than years past. There are those that have lost their jobs due to the malfeasance, mismanagement, greed and corruption brought about by those in the halls of Congress and in the boardrooms of major Wall Street concerns. This assembled cast of characters were well aware of their actions which led to the current global financial catastrophe. By so doing, these individuals continue to benefit from the economic destruction of countless lives by the ironic reward of Trillion dollar bailouts awarded by the sweat and tears of the American taxpayer.

It is demoralizing and cynical to be made aware that the demise of this nation's economy and the devastating financial status of many Americans, was originated and manipulated by persons we in good faith have placed our sincere trust to oversee our interests. In this situation, there is a Higher power which will, in due course, unleash the workings of justice to the delight of those scourged by the workings of these unscrupulous agents.

While there are many Americans eagerly searching for employment to provide comfort for their families during this Recession, there are concurrent powerful forces willing to exert a protracted influence and ultimate dominance by rejecting the work ethic which has created and sustained the machinations of democracy and this nation.

All of the legislation espoused or devised by this session of Congress has as its intended purpose, the abrogation of the free enterprise system and unraveling the independence of American citizens. It is true the financial meltdown has made many of us weary. If led to our own devices, we might let our government give us a hand in helping us overcome the effects of our current economic status by redirecting wealth so those more affluent can devote a healthy percentage of their income to better our lot in life. While this 'Robin Hood' mystique is a reckless dream pursued by those in Socialist and Marxist regimes, we are now hearing more of this from imagined 'elites' and dysfunctional purveyors of decadent thought to bolster the old and tired axiom of maintaining an egalitarian society where above all else the proletariat exists. In this setting we as Americans will become vulnerable to the intrusion of government in our daily lives to the detriment of our dignity, privacy and our peace of mind. An Orwellian concept of 'Big Brother' overseeing the workings of our lives is reserved not for the American government, but reserved for the love and kindness of the Almighty. We are not pawns or chess pieces to be manipulated by bureaucrats or unbeknownst forces in hiding, willing to have vast control of our financial or medical records or God forbid, our intellectual capacities. This is truly a struggle that has befallen our nation since I dare say, January 20th of this year.

Suffice it to say, Americans are entering a whirlwind of activity which will change the concept of democracy and sovereignty as we've known it throughout our lives. After reading passages of the 1000 + pages of the Health Reform Bill currently being debated in Congress, we as Americans need help to end this onslaught towards perdition promulgated by an uncontrolled and unprincipled Congress. I will be discussing the Health Reform Bill in this TeamBlog in 3 weeks where I will highlight the deception a 'reform' of such magnitude will effectively change our lives to our detriment.

Many of us have come to America and have fled tyrannical regimes which abuse their citizens and promulgate philosophies of hatred, discrimination and despotism to garner control. My entire family left such a country many years ago. However, for me to be made aware of conversations or suggestions by politicians mentioning the 'stellar' health care of those in Cuba compared to the care in the US and in so doing are eager to impose this exact system of care in this country, I become exasperated by the dishonesty and ignorance of those that have the power and control to offer such discredited opinions. Sometimes I shake my head in bewilderment, sadly knowing full well we have children running the asylum we call the US Government!

Without hard work we will never be entitled to the fruits of our labors. Work is the fundamental aspect which instills in us the value of the dollar and the ability to use the monies from our toil in purchases for our enjoyment and investment. When we are afforded public monies by government programs where work was not a factor in determining the distribution of those receiving such funds, this activity begins the destruction of our abilities to be productive citizens in the operation of capitalism. The legislation coming out of Congress nowadays is inspired to broaden those on the public payrolls or to become attached to 'welfare'. These actions as mentioned earlier, are the prerequisites which will help government control the lives of its citizens.

The playwright Eugene O'Neill wrote about a dysfunctional family in his award winning play, 'Long Day's Journey Into Night'. This drama was autobiographical in nature as the manuscript explores a family addicted to the effects brought about by either alcohol, morphine and the failings towards each other during a long and exhausting day at their home situated at a seaside cottage in Connecticut. This play was written several years before his death and was first performed in 1956. The following year he received a posthumous Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony Award for Best Play.

As an undergraduate I remember reading the book and have seen the 1962 film where Katherine Hepburn plays the role of the mother, Mary Tyrone. The life of Eugene O'Neill was beset by health concerns and a roller coaster existence brought about by the same ailments as written in his award winning play. The actions of the Tyrone's can be construed to be similar to those personalities we currently have in Congress. With all due respect to Mr. O'Neill, the dysfunctional aspects of the politicians in Washington are best remembered by the intense manifestations of disbelief portrayed by the characters inspired in this play. It is now known the denouement of this entire conflagration towards government inspired health care and socialist endeavors will spring to its climax this coming October. Let's hope the balancing effect of the Libra Moon insures the path is well traveled by those that have read, appreciate and understand the Constitution.

Odds & Ends

I want to thank all of you for your participation in reading our TeamBlog! The past 7 days has skyrocketed our readership tremendously! We hope the entries have provided an intelligent, intellectual and healthy discussion of the challenges Americans face today.

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