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July 25th, 2008 12:45 PM

Dear Friends,

The economy continues to provide us with additional disconcerting news in regards to the overall health of America's financial system. As noted on previous editions of our TEAMBLOG, we've heard the 'gloom and doom' scenario many times before. 

In our lives, we hear words of pessimism portrayed on a daily basis in the media, in chance meetings with acquaintances, amongst our friends and by discussions with family members. Such an ordeal comes to life at our doorstep when any of those closest to us has the misfortune in having difficulty financing a home, losing a job, facing foreclosure or unable to make ends meet. If these events are occurrences in our own lives, we are reminded of its consequences by our behavior which can result in anxious moments of despair or stress. These circumstances have plagued many Americans recently and the effects of such suffering and overcoming its difficulties differ individually.

We all have options in the manner we seek to end a misery which we perceive to be a hindrance in the disruption and the direction of our daily lives. This perception is truly misguided, as obstacles of this magnitude are meant to be conquered, by encouraging us to display acts of bravery and courage we never knew we had. The financial markets has its cycles and we are now in its nadir. There will be a time, in the not too distant future, our fortunes will once again become a delight.

The economic health of our country and the financial ordeals in our personal lives can be redirected. In order to begin the process of surmounting these problems, we need to reflect on the situation we've ultimately engineered ourselves, by the decisions we've undertaken in our past. No matter one's age, there's a time and place for us to take stock in our lives, to begin anew.

These suggestions to overcome the incessant disturbing realities we are facing, can be accomplished by several themes of renewal in our spheres of influence. Anyone we are in contact with today, can be the beneficiary of genuine and sincere attempts of respectability, compassion and patience created by a renewal of our character.

During the Great Depression, many Americans gave of themselves to help those in desperate need of lodging, food or medicine without renumeration. There was a bond, a collective sacrifice in which everyone came together to fulfill the obligation of one's integrity. Such altruistic and benevolent generosity displayed years ago, is rarely evident in today's America. The absence of this theology in our society, has made the suffering of its citizens all too painful. Truly, there is a divine component for the conflagration our nation is currently witnessing. It's aftermath will be known to us soon enough.


On a personal note, I'm enjoying the ability to write my thoughts and to express them in weekly writings through our TEAMBLOG. The BLOG began over one year ago and I'm excited that many of you have become active participants by your readership in regards to the mortgage industry and other noteworthy concerns. Many of you have become subscribers throughout these past few months. I'm truly grateful and committed to continue in providing an outlet or "a voice in the wilderness" in all matters relating to the economy and views highlighting the current state of affairs in this country.

The financial stress many Americans are experiencing today has begun a process of introspection. We are now compelled to begin a dialogue in understanding the forces which have brought our nation to this "fork in the road."

I'm privileged to have the opportunity to provide my thoughts and convictions in this blog. I consider the entries written a therapeutic exercise in a process of continual growth and reflection I seek for myself. Several of my dear friends were astonished at my capabilities in putting two words together to make a sentence! One of my friends believed there was another person writing all of the blog entries. To my chagrin, I undoubtably came to the realization it's a revelation to be underestimated!

In previous TEAMBLOGS I mentioned several of the characteristics and profound events which have had deleterious effects on the mortgage industry, the economy in general and the change in the character of America. Please check the next edition of the TEAMBLOG where I discuss these issues and provide additional insights and recommendations to revitalize the conviction of temperament and a blessing of sustenance our country requires and longs for.


On Sunday, June 22nd I was privileged to view an independent film produced by young filmmakers at St. Victor's Church.

"The Human Experience" revolves around the activities of two Catholic brothers from Brooklyn in their quest to seek an understanding of the human condition in terms of suffering, pain, fulfillment, compassion and joy. In the streets of New York, in a hospital in Peru, in a leper colony in Africa and in their personal lives, the events surrounding their story is deeply moving and genuine.

This film was truly a labor of love and conviction. I'm excited to have witnessed a film devoted to enlightenment we all seek.

Please check the website of the film, The Human Experience at  www.grassrootsfilms.com. Please contact Associate Producer Michael Campo for a showing of this marvelous film.



While the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church is a somber and damaging chapter in its history, Pope Benedict XVI has directed his efforts in repairing the evolution of harm, suffering and pain caused by the egregious acts of clergy against its most vulnerable members of faith - its children.

While this reality is a reminder of the depths of evil brought to light, the Pontiff's eloquence in this and other matters of consequence were dramatically highlighted in his statements during World Youth Day.

In this TEAMBLOG I mentioned the lack of compassion evident in America today compared to years past. The Pontiff mentions a similar philosophy not specifically to America however. Benedict urged young Christians to become agents of change as "the world needs renewal."

"In so many societies, side by side with material prosperity, a spiritual desert is spreading: an interior emptiness, an unnamed fear, a quiet sense of despair". These were the words uttered by Benedict last Sunday. Perhaps, such eloquence portends to the future of America as well.  


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Thanks Again



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