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October 3rd, 2014 9:56 PM

Dear Friends,
For years I've been choosing my words carefully, in writing a blog where the search for the truth is the penultimate objective. I am unable to mislead nor devise a plan to enrich myself by taking advantage of others. I do not have this type of temperament, and will never succumb to the aspirations of those capable of doing harm for pleasure or revenge. There has been a number of occasions in the past where the pursuit of compromise by my acquiesence to keep the peace, has jolted the source of my deep convictions. The lament that I had during these trials and in current circumstances, has lifted my ability to review the entire spectrum of those engaged in my life from a distance, and to ascertain their specified role within an environment that accompanies my personal space. From a lifetime of personal and business encounters, I rarely value the opinions of those in which the truth is continually compromised.

Just yesterday I reread the previous TeamBlog where I explored the likelihood of diseases spreading in America, due to the massive influx of illegal immigrants crossing our borders and by their transfer throughout the country this Summer. It has been reported  these migrants have settled in all 50 states. Concurrently, the deployment of 3000 US troops to Liberia as a mission to assist medical personnel to combat the scourge of the Ebola virus, is a monumental risk if or when one of our soldiers contracts the disease.

My concerns, and those of you that have an inherent simple perception of common sense, could see the likelihood of the Ebola virus penetrating this nation's boundaries. The words I used to describe the risks involved, have sadly proven to be correct. As of October 1st, an individual from Liberia arriving in Dallas to be with his family, has been diagnosed as contracting the Ebola virus. This is the first patient in the US that has suffered from the disease. He was in close contact with children and once additional details were provided, parents in a panic withdrew their loved ones from school.
The drama became evident when he became ill, requested medical attention at a hospital, mentioned he's originally from Liberia and then was sent home without any medical assistance. The inability to demonstrate a willingness by a hospital employee to grasp the facts of his origins and this man's symptoms, has become the ironic diagnosis of the ailments piercing the competency of this nation.

This country is falling apart. Every day we are subjected to a stream of incompetence within government, the ineptitude or lack of integrity due to media bias while business elites construct their financial empires by the deceit and workings of those in power.
The virus has entered the US. We are now hearing reports of its spread in Dallas and other States. The 'open borders' concept has contributed to the afflictions of communicable diseases contracted by school age children. The foundation of a nation is under attack when we recognize the complete disregard for the rule of law, the unraveling of every sector of communication as a result of 'political correctness' and the disdain for traditional values as embraced by the framers of the Constitution.

As planned by the President, an executive order to grant amnesty for a large segment of illegal aliens before the end of this year, will permanently change the character of America for generations to come. Circumventing the role of Congress as the constructive body that has the authority in all immigration matters as written in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, the President does not have the authority to grant blanket amnesty. The effects of allowing an 'invasion' of migrants with communicable diseases and disparate criminal backgrounds or gang affiliations to find comfort in this country, can be considered a form of 'defacto' amnesty. To witness the aims of the Chief Executive to direct the federal government to break the laws in which he was elected to uphold, such actions can be interpreted as formidable grounds for Congress to draw articles of impeachment. If amnesty does occur, the lives of countless Americans will be in jeopardy. Deaths attributed to the violent actions brought about by civil disobedience and the failure to contain the Ebola virus and other mysterious diseases, are the consequences of policies that disregard the personal safety and protection of Americans. Prophesy is not required when common sense is all that is needed to anticipate the aftermath of
future events.

1. Close our Southern borders entering the United States.
2. End all flights coming into the United States from Ebola suspected nations.
3. End all flights from the United States traveling to African nations where the Ebola virus has been documented.
4. Revoke all VISAS so citizens of African nations where Ebola has been documented are unable to enter the United States.
5. Hospitals across the country must be on high alert to provide the staffing required if Ebola is suspected in their communities.
6. Assist Western African governments by providing humanitarian support with medical supplies, vaccines when available and to construct medical centers for the treatment of those infected with the Ebola virus.
  Measures that involve air travel must be established to help rid the transmission of Ebola in the United States. These actions are to be considered TEMPORARY until safe passage is assured.
To be on the side of CAUTION is the only method to stop the outbreak from spreading, and curtailing the onset of panic.

When the American people are advised by government bureaucrats of anything in regards to this disease, be wary and suspect the worst. As a nation we have been misled time and time again. Just a few weeks ago, the head of this government mentioned, 'the chances of the Ebola virus here in the United States are extremely low.'

During the past several years, we have generally neglected the human condition which welcomes the respect and compassion for one another, in our daily lives. Chronic distractions of crisis, scandal and divisiveness has been manifested by an overwhelming sense of anxiety. America's lack of confidence and distrust in its institutions are realities of organized chaos. One can theorize that everything contemplated by government is calculated to promote the dependence of all citizens from birth.
The dissolution of personal sovereignty, gradual inability to offer dissenting views, the injustice of becoming ostracized for voicing traditional values in a secular culture, are examples of actions derived from tyrannical origins. The secular ascendancy by a minority, is construed as an enlightened formula for living. This perception is elevated by the manipulation of the mass media in their efforts to control the aspects of what we read, see and hear.  America is under a curriculum of an esoteric philosophy to 'transform' this nation by authors susceptible to signs of emotional distress. Freedom loving nations throughout the world have taken notice and no longer view America with open arms, as an incoherent foreign policy has created misunderstandings with our most loyal and trusted allies. When regions of the world recognize weakness and instability in a foreign government, the loss of respect is inevitable.

The Mid Term Elections will be held this coming November. The direction of this great country is in the hands of those that have come to the sad conclusion, there is no hope left for their futures or of their children.
 The pain and suffering must finally come to an end.

Thanks Again

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on October 3rd, 2014 9:56 PMPost a Comment

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