March 13th, 2010 11:21 PM

Dear Friends,

Within a few days I'll be with my newest friends eating corned beef and cabbage and drinking my fill of Irish coffee and green beer! At least once a year I consider myself of Irish patronage, even though I do not have a long form birth certificate to show my Irish pals that I was born in Dublin! It's been said that all Americans are Irish on St. Patrick's Day. On this specific occasion, the ritual of jump starting one's undiscovered talent of viewing the little Leprechauns swirling around one's peripheral vision, can only be accomplished by the pleasure of drowning in several pints of Irish Stout in less than a 24 hour period. I'm fortunate to live close by to Tom Bergin's where I can walk home or hire a cab once I've come to the realization that I might be driving over the rainbow towards the pot of gold that has eluded me for most of my adult life! I blame those pesky Leprechauns from hiding their gold coins by playing 'hide and seek' all these years!

If you're in the neighborhood, everyone is invited to join me for a memorable time with the Leprechauns that reside in Los Angeles! I'll be at Tom Bergin's on Fairfax between 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM on St. Patricks' Day, Wednesday, March 17th. You can't miss me as I'll be the only Cuban in attendance! See you there! Please check Tom Bergin's at for directions.

'Luck Of The Irish Sale'

Please check our website for 'Luck... Sale' which coincides with St. Patricks Day activities. The sale ends this coming Friday, March 19th! Take advantage of the great savings MoneyTeam is offering if you apply online. This ain't no blarney! 

Current Mortgage Rates

There has been a slight uptick in conventional mortgage rates during the past 7 days. MoneyTeam offers up to 60 day lock-ins. Check our most current rates on our website for more details.

Verdant Pastures?

For many Catholics, the Lenten season encourages us to either fast or abstain from specific foods or activities in which we might participate during the year. This self-imposed sacrifice brings us closer to a basic understanding of our role in a grandiose scheme where our presence on earth has tremendous importance. We are humble servants to those in need of professional services a company or an individual offers. One can be a janitor, doctor, lawyer, garbage collector or even a seamstress. Any profession in which service is given, the participation to be the best at one's profession, is the call of human interaction.

While our efforts in a perfect world will always be appreciated, there are many instances in today's society where such ideals are no longer seen as noteworthy or appreciated. 'The Great Recession' as is now widely referred to, has demonstrated the lack of respect and the wanton arrogance of power among those in capacities to shape our destinies. We all know the influence and the disdain for the work ethic of those in Government, Wall Street and the Media by promulgating philosophies counter to the virtues and values which has created this nation from the sweat, tears and the sacrifice of its citizens. In every generation, Americans have had the foresight to understand the concept of hard work to better one's lot in life and those of the family. By expanding government in every avenue of one's life, so that independence is no longer viewed as a virtue but as a hindrance to the control others have for your existence, this my dear friends has the ingredients of tyranny. 

For over one year, this country has debated the 'health care reform' bill offered by the majority party. After numerous speeches where the truth was never spoken either from a tele-prompter, the halls of Congress, the press or conversed by the 'talking heads' in various news programs, Americans no longer trust or believe in anything these people or institutions have to say. I'm sad to say that I for one have lost confidence in the ability of these entities to tell the truth. Once this happens, its best to turn off the television or turn the sound to mute anytime these characters decide to perform in a Shakesperean attempt at redemption. Hot air is still hot air and and when it permeates my television set, its time to turn it off before it overheats and causes a power outage!

With this animosity boiling as the backdrop, the US faces a crisis we have not seen since Watergate. If the 'health care' bill is passed by convoluted, unconstitutional measures, a revolt of unheard proportions will become evident almost immediately. All of us need to pray the passage of this bill will not provoke violence nor the loss of life in skirmishes across the country. American democracy and the rule of law will, in the end, see this legislation repealed and deemed unconstitutional after the 'tsunami' at the polls, come this November.  

Hope Springs Eternal!

I received a surprising call from one of my clients this afternoon! My good friend Antonella told me of her excitement in finally becoming approved for a loan modification from Wells Fargo! After 14 months of yelling, kicking and just from sheer exhaustion, I was delighted to hear the good news! In my experience, one needs to have the patience of Job in order to see a loan mod go through!

MoneyTeam has several loan modifications that are finally wrapping up after 1 year as well. I'm grateful our clients were able to secure rates as low as 2%! MoneyTeam no longer accepts these requests as the frustration and the time needed to solve one's problem can last for months. However, what we started over 1 year go for other clients, I'm happy to report, sucess is imminent!

'The Constitutional Crisis'

Perhaps by this time next week, Americans will know if the majority party in Congress has approved their version of 'health care reform'. If passed, the consequences for the credibility of American democracy is in jeopardy. In the next TeamBlog, I will discuss the long term effects of government out of control.   

Thanks Again      


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