June 2nd, 2020 8:40 PM

Dear Friends,

It happened on Memorial Day. This was the day that evil was again revealed by the wanton killing of an African American man by a Caucasian police officer. The crime took place in the state of Minnesota. The city of Minneapolis was the epicenter of this horror. On a personal level, I have never visited the 'Twin Cities' of Minneapolis or St. Paul nor the entire state. I only know the 'Twin Cities' as the locale for one of my favorite sitcoms - The Mary Tyler Moore Show. During the 1970's the TV show had various characters that we truly loved and enjoyed by their respect and concern for their friends and colleagues. Lou Grant, Ted, Maury, Sue Anne Nivens, Rhoda, Phyllis and Gordy among others, were personalities that gave the audience the ability to find their funny bones.

On a political level, the former Vice President Hubert Humphrey was and is considered today as a man of conviction, integrity and honor. Also, another former Vice President Walter Mondale came from Minnesota, and the tragic death of Senator Paul Wellstone in a plane crash in 2002 was devastating. Moreover, Jesse Ventura a well known professional wrestler became Governor of the State from 1999 through 2003. Disgraced former comedian Senator Al Franken resigned his office in 2018 due to improprieties relating to sexual misconduct. While the last person that I know from the State is the 'Pillow Man' - Mike Lindell, he created 'My Pillow' and launched his company in 2004. His struggles were overcome by years of hard work, and he has become a successful entrepreneur by never giving up on life through his devotion and embrace in the power of prayer.

I also remember the Minnesota Twins baseball team with sluggers Tony Oliva and Harmon Killebrew. The Vikings football team has been very competitive. This is all I know of Minnesota.

 I was perplexed and saddened by what many of us have seen on a video that shows a man's horrific death. If we were to live in a community resembling Mary's, none of what has happened last week or many years earlier would have occurred. Unfortunately, our lives are not scripted nor happy endings are guaranteed. The violence and mayhem that has permeated the entire nation is real and must be confronted. As adults and American citizens, it is our responsibility to grasp the circumstances that allows the acceptance of destruction as the ultimate embodiment for change by leftist advocates. To riot, loot, kill, harm and destroy America's cities as the basis for contrived compassion, or to force one's ideology of hatred and evil as the remedy for disenfranchisement, are disorders of the mind that has the mental affliction of cognitive dissonance.

This past week there was a divine revelation. Many of us are graphically reminded and painfully recognize the evil that has enveloped in our society. The cruelty and the hatred that continues to dominate our communities has developed a sense of bewilderment, anger and sadness on how to ameliorate the violent circumstances that has been allowed to occur. The destruction of our cities reminds me of the intense abandonment of civil discourse during the riots in Detroit in 1967 and the Chicago melee a year later at the Democratic National Convention. I lived in a suburb outside of Detroit at the time. I was 12 years of age. I could never understand the wanton destruction of neighborhoods and the suffering of those harmed by the chaos that erupted.

 The Democratic standard bearer in 1968 was Vice President Humphrey. At the National Convention in Chicago he invoked the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, in order to heal the nation from the agony and tumult America faced. He chose a prayer known for its divine wisdom of understanding in regards to the human condition. It is disconcerting that in today's America, a Democrat would be excoriated by party members and the media if an attempt was made to reconcile, if the St, Francis prayer was recited. 

While George Floyd died in horror, we as a nation must come together and seek the guidance of Our Lord to help solve the agony of discontent within ourselves, our families and the lives of our countrymen. It is a significant fact that an overwhelming amount of conflicts in the form of civil disobedience, has been encountered and promulgated in cities and states with Democratic Governors and Mayors. Anyone eager to understand the problems America has faced for many years, must wonder why. I do know why. As an Independent voter, I'm free from bias. I will truly do my best to discern both sides of an argument, in my erstwhile goal of establishing justice, harmony and peace in all endeavors.

Below, please read the insert of prayer by St. Francis to help heal America.

In His infinite wisdom, may God continue to bless this nation from harm.

Thanks again for your continued support.

St. Francis Assisi Prayer

Susan Boyle Sings

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