July 21st, 2013 11:03 PM

Dear Friends,

Frankly, I am deeply saddened and distraught by the newest revelations in which this government has ceased to respect one's right to privacy, by its Orwellian surveillance of our lives. Lamentations is the title of this post for good reason. Ever since Americans have been made aware of these secret activities, anything this government says or seeks to implement, is no longer believed to be in the best interests of the American people.

The clandestine actions of monitoring phone calls, reviewing emails, overseeing internet activity, IRS investigations of conservative organizations, photographing of license plates on vehicles reaching a destination and record keeping of return mail addresses of all correspondence by post office officials, are just a few of the 'uncovered' comprehensive plans Americans are now subjected to. Perhaps this course of action has been implemented not for our personal safety or to save us from terrorists, but by a deliberate attempt to destroy any sense of personal sovereignty an individual can ever possess. The ultimate goal I would assume, would be to live in a society where paranoia grows to such an extent, the powerful can seize control of all aspects of our daily lives at will.

The Patriot Act opened the way for such mayhem. For the sake of 'national security' this law has been misconstrued and manipulated in such a manner, that its main focus is to spy on law abiding citizens and collect voluminous amounts of information for future reference. The ability to have a dossier on all Americans, is a powerful tool that can be used to oppress and subjugate.

If and when the Affordable Care Act begins its implementation in January of 2014, there will be a relentless approach by government to seek all kinds of additional information. The IRS has been made the enforcer. It would not be a surprise to learn, that one's medical history along with income. political affiliations and attempts to ascertain personal beliefs on various generic issues will be documented and stored on line. I can guarantee there will come a time in which the handling of confidential medical and deeply personal information will be leaked 'inadvertently' by those reviewing its contents. 

When this government seeks to renounce the right to bear arms as established in the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution along with a desire to impose doctrines contrary to the religious liberties of all Americans, one can easily comprehend the direction this nation is headed. The 2 Party system throughout American history has been developed to offer dissenting views. Attempts by government to circumvent our rights and liberties, has drawn a tepid response by the opposition. While I consider myself an Independent, the minority party needs to acquire a dose of courage and voice their concerns vigorously, as the future of this Republic is in jeopardy. To hear the 39th President state just a few days ago this country is no longer a 'functioning democracy', we can understand his words can only be viewed as the beginning of the end.

While I do not consider myself a clairvoyant by any means, there will be additional revelations which will continue to bewilder all Americans. I have mentioned such activity during my closings in several previous posts. While this period in American history by government, with the cooperation of media and business interests continues to assault our basic liberties, discerning Americans will rise up and invoke passages found in Scripture, to remind us again that unvarnished freedom is a concept worthy of sacrifice.

Thanks Again

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