LABOR DAY - 2020
September 10th, 2020 9:08 PM

Dear Friends,

I would assume many Americans who are gainfully employed had the ability to take the day off from work on Monday, Labor Day. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus reaching our shores from China, a good number of Americans have suffered greatly from the pandemic, while the lockdowns imposed by various state government and local communities has created catastrophic consequences. These circumstances have generated a profound spiral towards personal mental anxiety and depression, as many businesses have closed their doors - permanently. Here in Los Angeles, numerous restaurants along with my favorite eateries are no longer in operation. There are store fronts boarded up throughout the city where vandalism occurred by mobs inflicting damage in their desires to resolve disputes. The looting has added to the demise of business owners in neighborhoods impacted with the pandemic, violence and shutdowns. How can a business survive under these circumstances?

In San Francisco, the salon scandal in which the Speaker of the House was viewed as not wearing a mask while visiting an establishment closed for services due to the pandemic by local authorities, was viewed as a specious affront to human logic. Consequently, it has been reported that over 50% of businesses in the city are closed and many of these establishments will never reopen.

In Manhattan, similar circumstances are occurring, as the inability to open a business under a lockdown will devastate the self-employed owner of a salon, restaurant, cinema, gym or bar and their employees. The devastation is truly profound as this method to control the virus must be discussed intelligently, without political bias as the after affects are damaging the spirit to live without stress or despair.

The newest employment figures released last Friday, provide statistics that continue to highlight goals in bringing back the promising economic performance that transpired just a few months ago. The unemployment rate in March was 3.5%. The rate skyrocketed to Depression era levels at 14.7% in April. In August, the rate was recorded at 8.4%. Incidentally, 1.4 Million jobs were added last month. 

The economy is recovering. The Coronavirus has impacted all of us. Practicing universal recommendations by informed dispassionate medical practitioners for safety and protection from the virus, is logical. We must balance the effects of the pandemic while we maintain our financial stability. Let's hope and pray the unemployed will be back to work soon and the virus dissipates simultaneously.

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America,

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