November 22nd, 2013 11:00 AM

Dear Friends,

There are days in American history that will always be remembered. November 22nd, 1963 was such a tragic day.

I was living at a Catholic boarding home located in Detroit with my 2 brothers at the time. The Sisters at the facility requested the children pray for President Kennedy. We were placed in groups and recited the Lords' Prayer. All of the children cried. The Sisters wept uncontrollably. There was a profound sense of sadness that lingered for days. In my mind I knew President Kennedy was a very important person. I was able to view the funeral on television. I remember John John saluting at his father's casket and the long procession to Arlington Cemetery. The music that accompanied the march I can still hear from a distance. This is all that my memory allows me to remember, 50 years ago today.

To place my recollections in context, my brothers and I arrived in the US in April of the previous year as Cuban refugees. We were designated as 'Peter Pan' children from the ongoing flights leaving the island. The separation from my parents along with health concerns at such a young age, were constant afflictions in which comfort was a rarity. Our family was finally reunited in August of 1966. The circumstances that have contributed to bouts of prolonged sadness has had it effects. I for one have at times, moments of melancholy where solitude is the only prescription for relief, far from the maddening crowd. There are no words to describe the devastating loss of a parent. The Kennedy children during this crucial time in their lives must have suffered greatly.

One must understand that government has a major influence in our lives by its intervention in our destinies. Whether it be a communist nation 90 miles from the coast of Florida or the seat of the republic in Washington DC, the realization that our lives have value can be ascertained in the manner government treats its citizens. Generally, government has a responsibility to protect its citizens from harm while encouraging participation in programs that elevates the human condition.

At his Inauguration in January of 1961, President Kennedy in his remarks strongly suggests a direction for us to follow by stating, 'My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.' Over 50 years later, we are recommended to reverse course in today's refrain, 'Ask what your country can do for you by not asking what you can do for your country'. Perhaps in order for government to alleviate the tribulations of its citizens; to be viewed as a compassionate entity where all good things originate and where sacrifice is no longer required; traps are manufactured by powerful interests to gain access for complete control of our daily lives. 

If freedom is to be measured, the loss of basic liberties in America has eroded precipitously since 1963. For many families that have emigrated from Communist or despotic rulers to live in the US, the fascination by the current government in adopting flawed and inept policies inspired from abusive regimes where vast amounts of immigrants fled for their lives; such an irony can only be interpreted as dangerous and disconcerting. The newest members of our society from this group, truly appreciate the opportunities and the freedoms America offers. We should never take our sovereignty for granted.

There are numerous events in which harm has been created by public officials and their clandestine counterparts, seeking to impose failed foreign concepts to control and manipulate its citizens. The folly of the Affordable Care Act, the surveillance of the NSA and the abuse of the IRS in our lives, are just a few of the activities that are cause for concern in today's America. The contrast in leadership from then and now, is truly overwhelming.

I can write an entire encyclopedia of the major effects that have traumatized America during the past 50 years. A high percentage of Americans believe President Kennedy was murdered as the result of a conspiracy. Just the other day I sat in front of the computer and viewed a multitude of videos that included seminars, book reviews, rare photographs and historic footage of the assassination. For many independent observers and for those of our generation, the graphic truth was revealed years ago. In order for this nation to heal from 50 years of conjecture, mystery and diatribe, the truth must be known by everyone.

America needs to revisit its origins. The 16th President of this great republic, Abraham Lincoln, reminded all Americans 150 years ago that 'Government of the people, for the people and by the people, shall not perish from the earth.' This country needs to hear these words in order to heal and right the wrongs from the emotional wounds of a political assassination, that haunts the memories of many Americans, even to this day.

JFK'S presence can be found not just at the Eternal Flame but in the hearts of those that believe in the passage, 'Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.' The preservation of freedom begins at home. It is apparent these words have lost its importance, for those unable to appreciate the wisdom of its contents.

Thanks Again

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