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MoneyTeam is in need of direct lending sources for construction projects INTERNATIONALLY.

We currently have several complete loan packages for submission.

The projects involved are mainly for the construction of residential units and/or complete communities where commercial structures are earmarked for development. Hospitals, Office Buildings and Hotels are just a few of the structures in need of financing.

Loan Amounts are $7 Million USD to $300 Million USD or higher.

MoneyTeam requests the following of all investors once the loan has been submitted:

1. An LOI or Letter Of Interest to be secured within 30 calendar days.

2. A Loan Commitment to be provided within 45 calendar days from the date of the LOI.

3. In regards to 'up front due diligence' fees, a rigorous discussion of closing costs charged are warranted for any lending source in the US.
 All 'up front' fees must be documented for any lending source in the US.
The fees to be paid are for processing, a site visit, insurance and/or other costs specific for the transaction. 'Up front' fees required to be paid by our client are discouraged as we've come across several fraudulent attempts in seizing funds without services rendered. All requests must be documented and investigated or said loan will be withdrawn.


4. Loan Funding to take place within 60 calendar days or earlier from the receipt of the commitment letter.

5. Information and/or documentation from your company which would include a history of previous closings, current or past references and testimonials. This information and a conference call to discuss the transaction is required before submission. 

If you are able to work with us under these general guidelines, we are eager to hear from you. We are always in need of good commercial lenders willing to fund loans in the USA and other countries. Please call our office at 323-350-5759 or by email at moneyteamusa@aol.com. We hope to hear from you soon.

Note Update 04/01/2018
We have reviewed several construction projects requesting financing that have merit. If your company is willing to accept a loan request under these circumstances, we encourage for you to contact our office.
Thanks Again