January 5th, 2020 3:00 PM

Dear Friends,

I remember as a child in Havana many years ago, that on the eve of the Feast Of The Epiphany, I wrote my wishes for presents to the 3 Wise Men on a sheet of paper and placed it in one of my shoes. I placed both of my shoes outside the front door where I lived, so the Wise Men can read the desires I had for the toys I liked to have. That was back in January of 1962. Several months later in April of that year, I wept uncontrollably and was deeply saddened as my brothers and I left Cuba for the United States without my Mother or Father. It would be over 4 years until my brothers and I were reunited with my beloved parents. The force of evil became a reality in my life, at a very young age.

I hate to generalize, but it seems as though in today's America the concept of evil does not have the profound understanding of its affects on the human condition, if we are to recognize the disdain for the termination of an individual that has created a tremendous amount of suffering by his presence in this world. The termination of a General from Iran by the US military, a man known for the implementation of terrorist attacks in the region and the killing of numerous American soldiers, has contributed to nationwide demonstrations that have revealed the thoughts of incredulous protestors that lack the capacity for reason. I am disturbed by leftist elements in this nation that are unable to support our government, when its citizens are advised that clandestine activities to harm Americans has been extrapolated by American intelligence.

What are we to do? If you knew a crime to harm your husband, wife, children or a member of your family or dearest friend was to occur in a day or two or during the following week - would you do everything in your power to end this horror or decide to sit on your hands and do nothing?

The beginning of 2020 and this decade will torment many Americans that lack the wisdom necessary, in order to confront the dangers that evil represents. Are we to allow the sustained execution of Americans by terrorists that have lost their love for the value of life?

On a personal level, my life has been affected by evil through the actions of Communists in their control of an embattled Caribbean island in 1959. Notwithstanding, Socialists in this country have methodically conspired to oppose democratic concepts by an approach to destabilize this government and the oblivious attempts to defy the Constitution. I am convinced there will be an Epiphany, when Americans finally decide that 'enough is enough' and end their reliance on politicians that lack reason, common sense or wisdom.

For Christians, the Epiphany is a time in which we embrace the realization that God is alive and has manifested his love for all of us. We also understand that when one has an Epiphany, the sudden discernment of a matter or concern imparts our acquisition of wisdom. Give it time. The events that have transpired during the past few days, will be the beginning in which our understanding of one's character and motivations, will become an Epiphany!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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