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August 12th, 2010 8:50 AM

Dear Friends,

I preface my remarks by reminding our faithful TeamBloggers, that I was a trifle worried that I would be banished to the cornfield or disappear altogether due to my remarks from the last post! Gladly, I have not lost my faculties nor have I abandoned my principles. Another day has come and gone and the continued focus for the preservation of liberty and freedom continues. I am proud to lend my voice and compelled to do so, as the pain and suffering of many Americans must truly end.

While there are numerous challenges many of us face due to the economic mess of the past several years, there is a 'light at the end of the tunnel' for those lucky enough to have withstood the ineptitude and corruption of our government and financial institutions. The bond market has seen a dramatic swing these past several months. The volatility caused by an outpouring of daily disappointing economic news has directed the lowering of mortgage rates to 50 year lows. If you are contemplating on REFINANCING your home, NOW is the time to send in your application. If you are thinking of PURCHASING a new home or investment property, NOW may be a great time for you to buy.

The Time Has Come

The time has arrived where habits in purchasing goods has profoundly changed for many Americans. We seek value and no longer spend hard earned funds in buying inferior items even though the price might be lower overall. In order to tackle one's financial difficulties head on, becoming a bargain shopper or appreciating the merits of frugality, can go a long way in balancing our individual and family budgets.

The news has made it plain that our economy is in a freefall. Many sober Americans have the ability to 'read the writing on the wall', so to speak. Serious discussions and decisions with family members in devising a method to avoid financial collapse, has become an occurrence at the kitchen table. The time has come to review one's finances and come to grips with the impending doom on the horizon.  

Just the other day, many Americans learned of an expensive vacation in Spain. Most responsible adults do not have the luxury nor the temperament of spending over $375,000 for a vacation paid by the American tax payer within a 7 day period. For those doing their utmost to live within their means, to hear such travels and the abandonment of common sense for the pleasure of spending other people's money, this excursion was truly ill advised. This example of pure extravagance is disdainful, as it offers an insensitive mockery of those less fortunate and reenforces the contempt government has for its own people.

While government continues to borrow and spend without checks or balances, Americans continue to suffer from such reckless behavior.  High unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies, trillion dollar debts, chronic bailouts, the abandonment of sound economic and democratic principles has done its damage. There comes a time when a nation throws its collective hands in the air towards the heavens and demands recognition that 'enough is enough!' The time for such an outburst is fast approaching and for many, the displeasure has already arrived.

Loan Application Readiness

For borrowers seeking to REFINANCE their homes, NOW is an excellent time to do so. In order to expedite the processing of your loan, these are the items required once the loan officer visits with you at your home:

1. 2009 & 2008 1040's

2. 2009 & 2009 W2's

3. Last 2 Paycheck Stubs showing Year To Date Earnings

4. Last 2 Months Bank Statements - Checking Or Savings

5. Last 2 Asset Statements - 401 K

6. Copy of your most current Mortgage Statement

7. Copy of your Hazard Insurance on the property

If you are PURCHASING a home, items 1 through 5 are required.

Underwriting time for many lenders is running 4 to 5 business days to secure an approval. Please check our mortgage rates and our promotion for August.

Thanks Again 




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