December 24th, 2009 2:38 PM

Dear Friends,

The other day I viewed the 1946 Frank Capra film classic, 'It's A Wonderful Life'. I've seen this film many times and I'm still overwhelmed emotionally with the outpouring of love given by family, friends and acquaintances of Bedford Falls for George Bailey in his time of need. I am well aware the script and the cast of characters in real life are nowhere to be found in today's America. I hope I'm wrong, as a sense of melancholy at times does scatter my thinking to such awful depths. Nevertheless, an exception could be found for Mr. Potter, the meanspirited banker eager to take advantage of the good graces of the townsfolk and his unsuccessful attempts to cause financial harm towards George Bailey. This is just a movie of course, but the pain and suffering of the town's inhabitants can easily be compared with the circumstances Americans face today.   

For many Americans, this year has been a financial nightmare of profound proportions. The deleterious effects of this change along with other subtle and dramatic consequences in its wake, has challenged and energized the dormant intellectual capacities once taken for granted by the majority. During the past year, Americans have taken notice of an unwarranted change in their liberties and are now fighting for the preservation of its sovereignty, the cessation of taxation without representation and the integrity of this nations' origins as written in the Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution. Judeo-Christian values give life to these documents and secures the purpose of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The blueprint of American democracy is revealed by the passages within its contents. As in Scripture, our lives have purpose and the plan for our lives will one day be revealed. 

Americans are blessed to live in the greatest nation ever devised. The experiment which began 233 years ago continues to flourish, as the world seeks our guidance in overcoming staggering challenges of poverty and the abuse of human rights within the confines of despotic regimes. While many in this world view Americans as the hope to end such skirmishes, we need to remind ourselves our lives and those of other nations have value.

By all comparisons, Americans are living meaningful and wonderful lives. The turmoil citizens face today is only temporary as the ballot box can help cure the trials and tribulations of current circumstances. For many Americans, the advent of restitution of democratic principles as espoused by the Founding Fathers, will see its resurrection in a few months.  For many of us fortunate to understand these pivotal moments in American history, we take pleasure in knowing we have much to look forward to. 

As mentioned earlier, our lives have purpose and the plans for our lives are revealed by the circumstances of actions which occur in our daily lives. This Christmas Day, Peace, Joy, Love and Compassion are the main ingredients for a life worth living! With all of the problems facing Americans, the love of our families and friends provides the comfort and gratitude we seek. When we give to others our lives are enriched!

In the end, George Bailey recognized that without his involvement in the lives of others, the destinies of those he encountered would have changed for the worse. We need to take stock in the value of our relationships. Sadly, I mentioned the poignancy of the characters in the film do not exist in America today. Perhaps this Christmas season, I seek and will encounter the message of Peace and the fulfillment of a 63 year old film, where my involvement in the lives of others will indeed make a difference.

It's Still A Wonderful Life Dear Friends!

Thanks Again     

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