May 9th, 2021 6:05 AM

Dear Friends,

Today the entire world celebrates all Mothers and Grandmothers for their unconditional love they've given to their children and grand children! While many of us are older and our Mothers are deceased, we have the most wonderful memories that offer us the smiles and loving embrace we've encountered by Mom's divine presence throughout our lives. Every day since my Mother's passing, I remember the compassion, the kindness and the overwhelming love she shared with our entire family. I also remember her optimism she had for life, under the most trying circumstances.

On this day, let's truly appreciate all Mother's, by showing our love that will continue to become a lasting, beautiful memory!

Thanks again for your continuous support - during these challenging times in America - a nation under siege.

Posted by Jesse Dorado on May 9th, 2021 6:05 AMPost a Comment

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