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May 3rd, 2014 11:39 PM

Dear Friends,

I was invited to screen an upcoming motion picture that is scheduled to be released next month. It is my understanding the subject matter revolved around the experiences of our armed forces in Afghanistan. I was considering on attending the screening but I decided at the last minute not to view the film. I surmised the plot would contain graphic scenes of violence, while the story line and its dialogue may denote a conflict or conflagration that ends in prolonged sadness.

Just today, this evening in fact, I sat myself down and started to review all of the news events, business dealings and the shortness of breath one can experience, during the course of a long protracted sweltering day in Los Angeles. To be reminded once again of dysfunctional behavior in Washington, has created a sense of derision in my opinions of a bureaucracy and a governing body, that can no longer be trusted. While we as Americans continue to be misled by government deception in all communications, and a culture that has lowered expectations of respect and decency for others, I gave much thought to 'escape' from the maddening crowd for a few hours or for a weekend at best.

I needed a rest from subject matters that evokes pain or suffering. Content such as this, has the ability to allow one's mind to contemplate situations that correspond to personal recollections, which may have occurred years ago.
My goal to 'escape' from the madness of elite and progressive incantations of the truth and all serious matters, has led my appetite for wholesome entertainment. Above all, comedies, opera, theater, sports or any genre that does not incorporate deep philosophical scripts that may or may not manipulate the audience by political persuasion, are examples where the mind requires distraction.
I've also come to view subjects of sex, wanton violence and interactions where vulgar or prurient content explored in any form or medium, as distasteful.
I've made a conscious effort to protect myself, by rejecting sights and sounds that can only create disturbing memories. Experiences of this nature are negative and offer a jaundiced view of a society in peril and without the capacity to be enlightened.
There is a long list of powerful moguls in music, television, film and in print that have the ability to end this downward slide. However, when you follow the money any attempt at doing the right thing is abandoned, as the income and profits from their activities overwhelm the capacity to do good.

It's been awhile since I had a big belly laugh! There was a time in the not so recent past, where I viewed life much differently than I do now. I can recall extreme pleasure in exploring new things, capturing the admiration of everyone with only a wink and a nod and just living life to its fullest! Nowadays there is a presence that has thwarted attempts to embrace life without regrets. While the attainment of wisdom in life is the most powerful desire that I hope will sustain me now and in later years, I lament the circumstances that has created a shift in my lack of optimism for the future. This perception I pray, is only temporary.

With that said, I'd rather enjoy the available hours that I have to view television comedies from the 1950's and 1960's. 'I Love Lucy', 'The Honeymooners', 'The Andy Griffith Show', 'Green Acres' http://youtu.be/KY3ncbgbUYk and 'The Beverly Hillbillies' are just several of the shows that have lifted my spirits. Comedians like Peter Sellers  http://youtu.be/64yianfGvzc Jonathan Winters, Ethel Merman, Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller, Rodney Dangerfield, Johnny Carson, Carol Burnett and Don Knotts http://youtu.be/rwEvysDpNm0 are just a few of the personalities that I search for, to overcome the ravages of dementia that has become a mainstay in the world we live in today.

The 'escape' is for a short period. Monday morning is fast approaching and if I'm invited to view a film or a TV show, my only response would be posed as a question,
 "Is it a comedy?"

Thanks Again

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