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October 25th, 2009 2:54 PM

Dear Friends,

Every time I turn on the television, glance at the newspaper headlines, listen to current events on the radio or come across the bold and colorful displays of news footage on the internet, there's the continued refrain of gloom and the exasperation of a society without solutions or an intelligent direction to stem its preordained entrance into utter ruin.

This great nation is in a storm of its own making by fostering incongruous remedies in futile attempts to end the tumult of an economic disturbance. These new powerful voices dredged from parts unknown are making their voices heard in profound and disturbing ways. When we hear a government official praise the character of Mao Tse Tung in a graduation ceremony at a university, when we are informed America is not a Christian nation, when government efforts to intimidate, dismantle and to destroy the viability of a news organization similar to activities of a bygone Nixonian era, when a suggestion is made that America's health care system should emulate that of Cuba's, I feel as though I'm transported by train not to my birthplace of Havana nor to Santiago De Cuba, the birthplace of my beloved mother, but to the last stop on a bewildering journey destined to be fulfilled in The Twilight Zone!

In regards to the economy, we are reminded by sources in unified acclamation that the Recession is over, only to learn the 'jobless recovery' is considered a 'new normal' where double digit unemployment will continue to reign throughout 2010 and when a trillion dollar deficit is construed as a temporary planned anomaly insuring the suffering of future generations. This is just a few of the numerous events providing suspense and drama in chapters of a treatise, where the major plotline involves the gradual and planned forfeiture of American sovereignty and the loss of its freedom. This conflagration is to benefit the mediocre minds of a philosophy devoted to a desolate inspired form of governance, in which the free market system is an affront to the liberty and the standard of living Americans have acquired and enjoyed since its independence. Americans have become unwitting participants in a political novel where the most powerful cast of characters suffer from ailments too graphic to be disclosed, taking up residence in the nations' capital and in the boardrooms of billion dollar corporations and the main street media. We have become privy to their thoughts and aspirations by acknowledging a different vision of the responsibilities and the values inherent in a democracy.

Limited government and the will of the people are basic standards which provides the opportunities and the positive attitudes required for sustaining a Republic with high ideals and principles. To desert one's convictions or compromise to gain temporary favor to end intense pressure promulgated by an opposition, is not courageous nor has elements of true bravery. 

If you are a regular reader of the TeamBlog, you know very well of my steadfast views in regards to the displays of hubris, incompetence, greed and corruption that has infiltrated important elements of our society. From Wall Street, government and the media, this triumvirate has harmed the sacred trust of all Americans by its abdication of its responsibility. The devastation of many lives through foreclosures, unemployment, bankruptcies and the loss of respect and dissention amongst our neighbors, these unfortunate developments has ushered in a troubling status quo where optimism is replaced with fear and anxiousness.

While Americans are being subjected to an ordeal of such magnitude, the time in which we appreciate and come to terms with our destiny is on the horizon. 'Hope does spring eternal' and the suffering of many will soon come to pass. There are solutions to these problems. In upcoming TeamBlogs, I will devote my time in providing sane and methodical exchanges of thought, where options are revealed to help dismantle the grief we all recognize and hope to conquer. Without God's help and guidance during these troubled times, America will never resolve its vast problems. The day His presence is no longer a priority in our precious lives, the promise and the experiment of America invented 233 years ago, will unravel to the detriment of us all.

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Thanks Again    

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