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August 16th, 2009 1:25 AM

Dear Friends,

A perception of what we believe is true or the anxiety we feel if a deadline is not met weighs upon our minds. We are distraught when given the true facts counter to our original thoughts and convince ourselves of a lost opportunity when time has slipped through our hands. In today's age we are losing the virtues which are intertwined with time. Patience has become a necessity for all of us and a hindrance for those unable to master the importance of its value. There comes a time in one's adult life there are events beyond one's ability to control. In order to meet challenges that are brought about by circumstances or consequences we've created ourselves or from outside sources, the terms of our delivery from its influence is dictated by those that hold views contrary to our own. To secure a path towards contentment and peace of mind, we must be aware of our surroundings and consciously seek the passion in ourselves to overcome all obstacles in meeting our goals. As active participants in democracy, we have been given an unencumbered freedom and responsibility to shape and mold our destinies in an attempt to make a difference in a world full of extremes.

There are numerous decisions which affect our lives profoundly and must be made with thorough deliberation and sustained perseverance, in questioning the wisdom of the choices in front of us. Whether one is to marry, divorce, adopt a child, purchase a home, move to another locale, vote for a congressman, start an exercise or diet regimen - these are just a few of the many examples where we are compelled to take the time needed to explore the situations which will have a direct impact on our lives and those of others.

We do our best when all of the facts are at our disposal in order to make a wise and informed decision. Perhaps, there might be information that has not yet come to light or is deliberately hidden from view. When these circumstances present themselves, we are still in the 'drivers seat' as our curiosity is tempered by the fact, there may be ulterior motives in play. When we recognize this distinction, we are apt to reach an elightened conclusion.

Government In Need Of Time

In 2 weeks I will be discussing my feelings in regards to the Health Reform debate. This issue has many Americans up in arms with nowhere to turn or who to trust, as many of the 'players' involved are being manipulated by special interests and in turn, these same 'players' are manipulating the general public. We need to remember Americans were promised that all legislation would be provided for perusal before Congress would cast its vote. Notwithstanding, when there is a 'rush to judgement' to 'sign, seal and deliver' health reform or any bill without a thoughtful debate on its merits to meet an ill conceived deadline for its passage, this type of maneuvering can be considered as reckless and irresponsible towards the interests of all Americans. This new manner of speed without thought is allowing ourselves to be engulfed in disastrous future consequences. Sadly, a sense of discernment, patience and wisdom are spiritual gifts unrewarded to those we've placed our trust to represent our interests in Washington. The Depression many Americans are facing today are direct results of consequences employed by lawmakers devoid of character nor substance. When our health, family, personal and business relationships are harmed by such stalwarts of inequity, we all suffer. Citizens are becoming disturbed and suspicious of government motives in rushing through bills without scrutiny. It's time Americans are afforded the respect and given the true facts on all matters affecting this nation.  

There are other issues which have become a disturbance to the equilibrium of common sense. 'Cap and Trade' legislation passed in the House Of Representatives will ultimately raise energy bills throughout the country if signed into law. This measure presumably reforms the manner in which utilities are provided and charged to the consumer. The reduction of carbon emissions nationwide will insure a cleaner environment as greenhouse gases will be curtailed. This reduction is the goal pursued by its authors and the lawmakers who voted for the passage of the legislation. While the idea of a clean and healthy environment is universally acclaimed, the process of an untried and risky system will generate additional costs in the billions. This bill was in need of a prolonged and seasoned debate in plain view and participation by the American people before its stamp of approval by Congress. The 'slow motion' treatment for this bill and others are certainly required in order to recognize and appreciate the cumbersome details in its 1000+ pages. Not surprisingly, we are now aware that many of the bills rushed through this session of Congress were never read by those voting for its contents.

Reviewing Our Options

Leaving Washington aside, we need to review our own lives and come to terms where growth can blossom by utilizing the thought provoking aspects which patience offers. 

Children perceive time vastly different than adults. As a child I remember a span of a few hours lasted a lifetime! Tying shoelaces, taking a bath, playing baseball with friends, flying a kite or reading a comic book took effort and looking back on these experiences it's as though I'm transported in time reliving these events 'in slow motion'. Americans would not be suffering the pain nor the struggles of an economy bordering on Depression if the persons we've empowered to implement decisions on our behalf, took the time to review, investigate and understood the power that affords those patient enough to secure a balanced outcome.  

Always seek guidance from the Almighty in making a decision. When you do, you will come to know that time is always on your side.

Mortgage Rates Take A Breather

We are happy to mention that interest rates are coming down again! Please check our current rates as we are now offering a 30 Year Conforming Fixed Rate at 4.875% @ 1 Point and a 15 Year Fixed Rate at 4.50% @ 1 Point. Please check our website for more details or call our office at 323-936-3232.

An 'Olympic' Messenger

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the sister of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our 35th President, Senator Robert "Bobby' Kennedy and Senator Edward 'Ted' Kennedy was called home this past week at 88 years young. Eunice made a difference. She was a strong, exceptionally gifted woman devoted to help those in need. Her devout faith gave Eunice the courage to overcome the personal tragedies of losing beloved members of her family. The love Eunice gave to her children was shared, recognized and expressed by youngsters around the world. The children competing in the Special Olympics since its founding in 1968, brought us joy and reminded many of us that love does indeed come from little souls with ailments. Whatever the symptom, all of these children are special as love comes in all sizes. We are healed of inequities by their presence. Eunice helped us recognize these little Angels are indeed Special and Olympians too! 

Thanks Again   




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