October 3rd, 2018 5:39 PM

Dear Friends,

I truly want to thank you for your overwhelming response to the past several posts that I've written. I am very concerned with the direction of America politically, as a disconcerting group of activists are doing their best to transform the concept of jurisprudence incorporated in the US Constitution. It is generally understood that anyone charged with a dispute or a crime, the accused party is considered innocent before one's guilt is established through an investigation or in the court of law. Attempts to recognize and force the acceptance of socialist principles that run counter to our basic civil rights in a conflict - is to disenfranchise Americans.

 A conglomerate of leftist activists and a participating media among other powerful entities are conspiring to eradicate the moral basis of democratic concepts. The most immediate example of this circumstance is the conflagration of leftist orthodoxy in its contempt regarding the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. The alleged sexual improprieties in which the Judge is falsely accused of as a teenager are scandalous, as none of the accusers are able to corroborate their stories of misconduct. When one has the ability to review the information and documentation that has been provided through all aspects of communication and documentation, one can attest there is a campaign to devastate the reputation of Judge Kavanaugh. To destroy a man and his family by 'all means necessary' due to his strict understanding of the Constitution as embraced by the Founding Fathers, is contemptible and malicious. This approach by the leftist stewards of the Democratic Party, is now recognized by Americans that love liberty and freedom as an affront to one's human dignity.

 In 33 days, the Mid Term Elections on Tuesday, November 6th, will determine the path towards continuous persecution of its citizens, or the resurrection of America's abundance by the rise of one's standard of living through a booming economy. The stark contrast of the two main political parties in its deportment, the respect for its citizens and domestic policies, are staggering.

In upcoming posts this month, I will offer a rationale on the best pragmatic approach in casting your vote that will benefit you, your family, your community - and America.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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