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October 3rd, 2011 7:18 PM


Dear Friends,

In my last TeamBlog entry, I invited all of my friends to join me in traveling to a fictional town where grace, substance and tranquility are embraced in 'full measure'. While the town of Willoughby is an imaginary place documented in film as an episode in the classic television series, 'The Twilight Zone', I am content to have dwelled in the fantasies of a life devoid of suffering, turmoil and pain. Unfortunately, I am unable to prolong my visit there, as the world vociferously pulls you back to an existence where one's magnanimous contributions to society are questioned for its authenticity. This sad and troublesome view has come to fruition by the thoughts, deeds and actions of those that have lost their way and seek dominance in numerous endeavors by the pursuit of financial gain at all costs.

As of September 11th, I am back from my 33 day journey where I am mentally exhausted to be reacquainted with the disappointments and the stark reality of a nation beleaguered by false proclamations of compassion from powerful interests. While the financial status of this nation continues to unravel, we as Americans are weary of the torment which has created a change in our attitudes and beliefs in regards to our station in life. Many of us love this country more than life itself. The freedoms and the liberties many Americans throughout history have fought and died for, is a testament to the foundations of a great society since the days of its Independence. 

It is imperative our children and succeeding generations have the ability and the resources to appreciate and continue the path set forth by a courageous citizenry. The current level of US debt of approximately $14 Trillion has enabled the decline of our sovereignty personally and globally. America's dominance in projecting steadfast democratic principles has been 'downgraded' by debt in the trillions to other countries. These nations are waiting for an opportunity to demonstrate their power in efforts to manipulate the markets and to create havoc. America has no other choice to tread lightly or the economic system we have long become accustomed, will no longer be recognizable. 

While I can continue to highlight my displeasure of the calamities awaiting the American public by the circumstances that currently confront us, there is hope. Many of us realize the frailties of the most powerful interests in our society. Whether in government, business or media, there is a burgeoning population of discerning individuals that have recognized the landscape and are willing to fight for the preservation of the republic. There are healthy, and at times exhaustive debates taking place today, where the focus involves the direction of the country. Americans agree the last several years has damaged the resourcefulness and the spirits of everyone seeking to replenish their dreams. For those in the millions that have lost their homes, jobs and finances, one must truly understand the causes of this affliction.

I will be discussing this situation again in a future TeamBlog entry, 'The Rain Is Gone', where lyrics to a popular 70's hit, will be my inspiration. I plan on offering unvarnished opinions and suggestions which will address the problems we've created and the solutions to regain America's prosperity.


9/11/2001 Remembered

All of us are aware that it has been 10 years since the terrorist attacks on American soil. The manner in which lives were lost that day, is still painfully remembered by everyone.

During that period I would regularly watch the Today show before work. I was in disbelief and horrified to view the live transmission of the events that transpired, as lives were lost at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in an open field near a small town located in Pennsylvania. The airplanes directed at the Towers was unbelievably graphic and disturbing. Certainly, the hatred of those that masterminded this atrocity for a religious philosophy have engineered the ultimate crime. We need to be reminded once again, the virtues of a humble theology wherein a God endeared by faith, directs a path where love is embraced. To live in harmony, to love our neighbors, to seek the desires of our heart so our families and friends can prosper, these are just several affirmations of faith in the true manner one is to achieve and nurture an abundant life.  

While all of our lives have changed, the effects of that tragic day has created an event that binds all Americans. While many of us are anxious and  fighting for our financial lives in 2011, we continue to endure. After the attacks, all of us were unified to confront the sources seeking our destruction. Today, our nation is ever vigilant. While we live in dangerous times, the hand of God continues to bless America. While we face economic challenges similar in scope to the Great Depression, we must never let ourselves become victims of our circumstances. This tragic event has become a part of our DNA. Americans will never give up their freedom and to this end, all of us are are steadfastly unified as we were 10 years ago.

Our prayers are for those that lost their lives that fateful day and their families and friends. We also pray for our nation, as we continue to heal from the loss of innocent lives, the images of despair and the pain associated with the nightmare that has changed our lives forever.


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Thanks Again  

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