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MoneyTeam has sources for 'Hard Money' on loan originations in Southern California.

The maximum LTV (Loan To Value) either for a 1st TD or 2nd on a Single Family Residence is 60% to 65% maximum. Due to your circumstances, rates are from 8.99% to 12.99%, interest only up to 5 years. A prepayment penalty of up to 1 year is common but can be waived once your loan is reviewed favorably. Fees will be determined once submitted/underwritten.

MoneyTeam also can provide financing for LAND. The LTV (Loan To Value) maximum is 30% to 35%. Property can be agricultural. Additional terms as in rate, fees, term of the note and prepayment penalty will be determined once submitted/underwritten.

Please contact our office at 323-936-3232 for fast service.

Thank You.