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In the financial marketplace, there are events which are created and nurtured in order to achieve a desired result. The American economy in its status as a major force in the world as a superpower and a beacon for innovation in all of its productions, is now hampered by other spheres of economic influence throughout the world. The financial health of America in 2008 has no resemblance to the boom years of the 1950's nor to any configuration previous to the NAFTA accords.

Such agreements began the evolution of a 'global economy' where America relinquished its prominence in financial matters to the benefit of emerging worldwide markets. From the manufacturing sector to commodities, America is losing its sovereignty to other nations by its inability to master the elements of financial volatility and by its indecisiveness.

Indecisiveness? Procrastination? Ineptitude? Indifference?

Simply stated, many of the financial problems Americans are suffering today could have been eliminated, if plans for energy independence debated years ago were implemented.

This same concept could have streamlined the mess this nation will eventually face with the insolvency of the Social Security system, where there will be 72 million Americans in retirement by 2030.

In highlighting this lack of follow through, the implementation of the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli Immigration Act, with all of its features of enforcement would have spared the headaches this country is now embroiled, with wanton disregard of our borders and the problems it fosters.

Unfortunately, these are just a few of the multitude of past decisions which are creating havoc in June of 2008.

One other major problem is the falling dollar. The American dollar is no longer viewed in high esteem. In a few short years, there are many in the world today that recognize Euros as a more stable and valued currency. Due to the rise of other currencies, America is now for sale - at firesale prices!

American goods, businesses and real estate holdings have lost their value in such a precipitous fashion that foreigners of all persuasions are buying up these assets to the eventual detriment of this country. When we hear there are foreign interests seeking to purchase Anheuser-Busch with an unsolicited bid, the Chrysler Building and other significant landmarks & businesses due to the cheap dollar, the destruction of our republic has begun in earnest. The loss of such valuable assets throughout the US, creates an atmosphere of 'financial abandonment' where Americans agree to sell anything of value in order to end the cycle of frustration and suffering due to the stressful effects of the economy. Whether such actions are portrayed as fear, greed or just throwing in the towel, the consequences are immense. 

The control of corporations and financial concerns on our territory by countries or interests outside our borders will foster financial manipulations. This activity will control certain aspects of the US economy, rendering America powerless in its efforts of autonomy or securing control of its own destiny.    

The main issue today revolves around the rising costs of energy. The staggering cost of oil is crippling the American economy and has created an outpouring of disbelief and anxiousness throughout the country. By July 4th, several economists have forecasted $150 for a barrel of oil and $4.50 for a gallon of gas. Tremors of $5 to $6 for a gallon of gas this year, will do unbelievable damage. The consequences of such musings are too painful to envision.

We need to remind ourselves that every decision adopted and applied by government has consequences beyond its intended purpose. While such actions may be considered sincere and genuine in its conception, there are interests seeking to overturn the prudent and practical concerns of an educated electorate.

I'm not an economist but I know there are discussions of economic ideas which are promulgated as sancrosanct by universities, government and financial institutions. Once accepted, the interests in all three of these spheres of influence agree to go forward.

Unfortunately, many decisions of overwhelming importance in our society revolves around the acquisition and spending of money. This major influence or preoccupation permeates throughout our country by the actions of its citizens in every aspect of one's life.

Due to this chronic and major influence notwithstanding, the events we are witnessing today are a direct result of greed promulgated by numerous individuals in their perverse desire to satisfy a thirst for money, power and control. The culprits in our society and those of other cultures have developed a philosophy of entitlement nurtured by financial and political actors eager to enrich themselves without reproach.

This philosophy has gradually infiltrated the mindset of numerous individuals to the detriment of our society as a whole. The evolution of the 'global economy' has reconfigured the American psyche in such a manner where corporate greed has become a perverse virtue by proxy.

Whether it be the greed of oil companies in the US or their counterparts in the Middle East - or the self-serving mediocre politicians elected or installed in all levels of government from the local to national levels developing agreements in efforts to pocket their own wallets - or to lobbyists employed to infiltrate the environs of government and the press in their desire to create a positive opinion of its positions -or to those Americans eager to take advantage of others by demonstrating lack of character and integrity - or just to the procrastination, apathy or naivete of the country itself, many of us are just bewildered on how we got here!

The facts are staggering!

* Gasoline at more than $4.50 a gallon.

* The end of the manufacturing industry and steel production to foreign competition. Americans no longer make anything!

* The 'outsourcing' of jobs to other countries.

* The glut of imports destroying the jobs of numerous American workers in the automobile industry.

* The influx of inferior and dangerous goods from China and other nations.

* Tainted produce and imported foodstuffs being sold without adequate inspection by US officials.

* The shakeup of the South Korean government due to plans of importing American beef which the Koreans believe is tainted and has elements of 'Mad Cow Disease'. Can you have imagined this?

* The rise of diseases once eradicated in previous years poses threats to the health of our most vulnerable citizens, our children.  

In regards to the mortgage industry, the 'meltdown' we are experiencing today is a direct result of the financial irresponsibility we have placed upon ourselves. The greed fostered by such exploits is just one aspect of the reprehensible actions of financial institutions in their quest for higher and sustained corporate profits.

In subsequent TEAMBLOGS our discussion will highlight the options Americans have in their possession to end the incompetence and the timid philosophy of political correctness which has exacerbated the ills we are confronting today.



Americans were truly saddened to hear of Tim Russert's passing earlier today. This man of integrity and character has become an irreplaceable journalist known for fairness and objectivity in all matters of political discourse. 

There are many Americans like myself that never met him, but he was a member of the family. On a typical Sunday from 8AM to 9AM before Church - for years - I'd be glued to the TV!  He was always prepared, did his homework by being focused on his subject and confronting issues head on. He elicited noteworthy responses. As a political junkie before the term was ever devised, Meet The Press set the standard for intelligent communication and dialogue. I rarely missed his show! 

Any observer would know he loved his family immensely. He loved his father, 'Big Russ'. His book about his Dad is an inspiration! The folks from Buffalo, his hometown, must be grieving. It's so sad to know he was called Home the weekend we are all celebrating Father's Day. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

This Father's Day is truly poignant. I'll be thinking of my Father this weekend and the sacrifices he made for our family. My Father and Dads from all generations have opened the gates of Heaven and are welcoming our beloved Tim with open arms.

Tim Russert, a man of faith, will truly be missed.

Thanks Again





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Posted by Jesse Dorado on June 12th, 2008 11:40 PMPost a Comment

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I agree fully with the comments of Jesse about Tim Russert. I also rarely missed "Meet The Press" on Sunday morning here in Prince Edward Island, Canada. The political scene seems now incomplete with the absence of Tim. The overwhelming outpouring of sympathy for Tim by the world community attests to his impact on the American political scene.

Posted by George Jordan on July 17th, 2008 4:32 AM



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