June 16th, 2013 10:00 PM

Dear Friends,

Back in April my good friend Ann, a devout parishioner at the church that I attend, mentioned her support of an organization which seeks to stop the construction of 2 massive towers in the heart of Hollywood. After I was able to review the project and the deleterious consequences and its effects on the neighborhood, I volunteered my time to expose the obvious.

A development is generally considered beneficial in adding value to a community, by its ability to attract residents and business interests in an area where a need exists. Unfortunately, there are construction projects that by its nature offer the exact opposite. The Millennium towers by any sense of one's imagination, is a development that does not conform to the character and the history of the Hollywood area.

The 2 buildings planned for the area are massive. In comparison to the Capitol Records building of 13 stories in height, the Millennium towers will approach 55 stories! The height differential would cause the inability of residents from viewing famous landmarks in which the HOLLYWOOD sign is one of several. Moreover, the additional traffic congestion will add thousands of commuters and gridlock to a neighborhood burdened by these excesses.

There are more systemic problems in building a gargantuan project such as this. The aging infrastructure surrounding the towers add to additional burdens to all public utilities. Years of disruption for all residents and business establishments in the area is assured, during and after the buildings are under construction and its eventual completion. It is my understanding the developer has his sights on having restaurants, bars, nightclubs and outdoor concerts which will permanently end the ability to maneuver the streets to one's residence.

The developer believes the Millennium will offer its new residents the capability to live and work in a complex where major necessities for living would be incorporated in one address. The residents of this establishment need not own transportation as one can employ the services of rapid transit or the bus system. While this is the ideal, the realities state otherwise.

The residential neighborhoods in close proximity to this development and those far from its towers, will no longer be able to view the HOLLYWOOD sign nor the hills. The Capitol Records building would be dwarfed by its troubling size. Homeowner property values will suffer as views towards the hills will be blocked, the quality of life will deteriorate due to the noise and traffic congestion, while the influx of hundreds of new inhabitants in a densely packed area is foreseen. This type of construction is recommended for areas such as downtown Los Angeles, where these buildings conform to the area.

In order for you to view more information in regards to the Millennium, please view their website: There will be a meeting to voice your concerns on Tuesday, June 18th at 2:30 PM at Los Angeles City Hall.

We also recommend for you to call your councilman and especially contact  Mayor Elect Mr. Eric Garcetti at 213-473-7013 or by email at His district encompasses this construction project. He is in opposition of the Millennium towers.

I have lived in Los Angeles since 1981. The changes in population growth and the density of living in such close proximity to others, has the ability to diminish the quality of one's life. I enjoy wide open spaces but at this juncture in my life, I am unable to plot this course until retirement. I've noticed the construction of several large apartment and condo projects on Labrea Blvd near where I live. I've come to the realization that added traffic congestion and my daily commute around town will suffer as a result. This is just one of several allowances one must make as a resident living in a big city. 

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