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July 10th, 2018 9:31 PM

Dear Friends,

Before I begin my remarks, I want to thank everyone for your embrace of the Oath of Responsibility on Independence Day. The response to our last post was tremendous! While there are misguided attempts to control our independence by powerful forces, many of us recognize the consequences of such unscrupulous behavior. This Summer has initiated a season in which circumstances on all levels is headed for a heatwave!

The selection of a conservative 'strict constructionist' as the next Associate Supreme Court Justice, has created a volume of dissension from members of an opposition political party and by a conglomerate of activist individuals that have an unorthodox comprehension of the US Constitution. As an undergraduate many years ago, I enrolled in classes that provided lively, intelligent and intellectual discussions on how Constitutional Law was determined throughout momentous cases in American history. As students, we reviewed the various decisions to ascertain if logic and/or wisdom was a major outcome in a Court's majority opinion. We also recognized the approach and the convictions of a Justice in the interpretation of the Constitution. Basic ideologies formed by the substance of character generated throughout the life of a Justice, can foretell the analysis of court cases in the future. In my estimation, the US Constitution is a document that must be interpreted as how the Founding Fathers conceived of its values and virtues, as one of the three branches of government incorporated as a republic. In essence, to review and define the law as written, is the function of the Judicial Branch. Incidentally, to 'preserve, protect and defend' the Constitution, is a duty to uphold by all Americans. Consequently, to legislate, politicize or offer opinions contrary to the principles established in the Constitution by a Supreme Court Justice - has no merit.

The weather in Southern California has intensified greatly so far this Summer. Last weekend was exceptionally hot, as I'm beginning to gradually believe there is a climate conversion of sorts. The cause for this massive heatwave is debatable. Nevertheless, this nation has the ability to limit the hazardous effects of its surroundings by reducing pollution and the hazardous toxic substances that imperil our environment. All regulations implemented by government administrations to combat these effects, must be duly reviewed for its effectiveness. I can only surmise that every passing year, the heat in Los Angeles and its environs has increased in temperature by triple digits. My concern is the health of older members in the community and those susceptible to a climate that can drain one's energy or the loss of life.

In upcoming posts, I'll add my voice on tariffs, the effects of gas prices, the alleged Russian 'collusion' to undermine the 2016 General Election, the booming economy and life in general. In all of these topics for discussion, a heatwave is discovered!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on July 10th, 2018 9:31 PMPost a Comment

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