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January 7th, 2018 5:14 PM

Dear Friends,
Today is the 7th day of the New Year, and I'm contemplating on several resolutions I will enthusiastically begin to embrace! This is the year that I will do my very best to prioritize a well thought out personal agenda, where my determination for growth exceeds all of my doubts or frustrations.
Since I was a youngster, I've been overweight. My weight would fluctuate during times of profound stress or boredom. Nevertheless, I've had years in which this problem was resolved, but not for very long! I currently weigh 243 pounds and my height is 5'10. I am considered 'obese' by the Body Mass Index (BMI) as my total calculation is 34.9. While my health has suffered with back aches and indigestion, I've decided to instill discipline by ending the roller coaster effects that has impaired my overall well-being. Beginning today, I will begin a 21 Day Fast where I will rely on liquids and prayer to restore the vigor that has decreased over time. With the assistance of the Lord above and the encouragement of my dear family and friends, the time has arrived to end toxic devices that can permeate one's physical or emotional fitness. To this end, I will approach the next several weeks determined to lift my spirits, as a remedy to end impediments considered oppressive for my personal growth. In this vain, I will be reviewing Pastor Jentezen Franklin's guidance in Fasting. He has been assisting members of his congregation and followers everywhere in focusing on the health and spiritual benefits Fasting is able to offer.
In upcoming posts I will mention other commitments tied to an increase in financial stability and the encouragement of living a blessed life.
I wish you the best of health in 2018!




Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on January 7th, 2018 5:14 PMPost a Comment

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