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November 30th, 2016 9:09 AM

Dear Friends,
Ever since the election, this nation has had an Epiphany of sorts, in which the vast majority of Americans have come to the conclusion the truth is the main catalyst for change. When anyone is intentionally misguided and deceived for years, the continual abuse recognized by pain and suffering will eventually come to an abrupt end. While the election results disclose a disparity in the capacity of one's intellect to perceive the obvious, the behavior of those unwilling to accept the wise counsel of the electorate is disturbing.
In the simplest of terms, optimism for the future has lifted the spirits of Americans approving of candidates eager to form new associations. While those content or oblivious to the status quo are considered to be in denial of their circumstances and are unable to grasp the dichotomy of their personal beliefs.
When we have one candidate or a group considered untrustworthy throughout a scandalous political career disclosed in unceasing revelations, one's decision to accept such behavior by entrusting this person or its supporters with the power to influence America's destiny, is a mental affliction associated with cognitive dissonance. When violence, destruction of personal property, vandalism and the disrespect of those unwilling to give credence to discerning thoughts composed based on logic and ethical principles, a convergence will rarely become a reality. The understanding of this principle has altered the political landscape dramatically, as a confluence of the population are more inquisitive and have utilized their thought processes to deduce the despondent nature of futility during the past 8 years. The comprehension of this reality, has raised awareness of conservative concepts of governance, a distinct appreciation of nationalism and the acceptance of populism to alleviate despair.
We live in a society in which intolerance and disorder occurs, due to patterns of intransigence by individuals and entities that continue to expose behavior lacking ethical standards. Notwithstanding, scandalous revelations have disclosed the involvement of powerful forces in their abuse of the most vulnerable members of society. - our children! The alleged actions of these participants are truly offensive and a basis for scorn. These disclosures are not mentioned by the main street media to protect their patrons, as hacked emails gathered and submitted on the internet has uncovered its deleterious contents.

America is in need of healing after a vicious and tormenting presidential campaign.
One of my favorite inspirational compositions is 'Healing Rain' performed by Michael W Smith and a version sung by tenor Ronan Tynan. Please check below.
We need to end the acrimony and look to the future for our redemption.
The time for optimism and the truth, in all things, has arrived!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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Personal Note:
This will be my last political blog for sometime. I will write opinions of a political nature on SaveAmericaToday on our website, as I will begin exploring other topics of interest during the coming months.
May you and yours have a Happy Holiday season!

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Posted by Jesse Dorado on November 30th, 2016 9:09 AMPost a Comment

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