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May 9th, 2017 3:14 PM

Dear Friends,
This year has taken off so quickly, that I long for days as a youngster when I had all the time in the world to play hide and seek with my friends. I have succumbed to rare thought patterns when I lament being an adult, as time never lets up and is chronically continuous. It seems the older in chronological years you become, you are totally aware of this phenomenon until an unknown devastating illness develops that may incorporate the power of suspended animation for a brief period, or the day predestined by Divine Intervention when the good Lord calls you home. Perhaps, the only solace to overcome this speed is by leading a monastic life where the past is forgotten, the future is rarely contemplated and the present is alive and worthy of enjoyment with its profound ability for absorption and the subtle awareness of synchronicity.

In one's physical and emotional development from birth, the environment also offers a clue that provides the intensity in which one confronts the challenges in surviving the onslaught of persecution in thought or speech, while appreciating the simple pleasures of comfort.
Just today I came across a Los Angeles magazine that displayed homes for sale in the millions. These properties are situated in desirable areas of the city with exceptional views, while other homes are overlooking the waterfront. One can inaccurately surmise there is a time in life that one's measure of success is to own material possessions, which can be utilized as a statement or an example for others to recognize one's value and importance within the community. To be a big fish in a little pond compared to a little fish in a big pond could be conceived as one's capacity to maneuver the landscape. While having a big house to move around is a pleasantry all of us would like to experience daily, many residential dwellers will not have the ability to have an encounter such as this. Consequently, to view the increase in the homeless population in Los Angeles, their plight can be considered a perplexing circumstance that defies explanation in a world of celebrities, multi millionaires and condescending politicians residing in a locale where self-absorption can be construed as a routine embodiment of one's character.
In all manifestations of one's surroundings, many of us are fortunate to have an education that provides the sustenance one requires to live in a society that avoids the intellectual acceptance of government encroachment in one's daily life. To live independently is the true motivation of those who appreciate liberty and freedom.

Plainly speaking, wealth, homes, jewelry, cars and any other material possession can compliment one's potential to live without financial impediments, or can be appreciated by its owner to bolster one's esteem. While this may be true, the main rationale for one's existence is when you involve the Creator in all of your compassionate magnanimous deeds. By doing so, you will know the plan for your life and those closest to you will be blessed by your presence. When you include the Almighty, success and prosperity is a foregone conclusion.
 Incidentally, after so many years, I've encountered God's sensational plan for my life.
The Doradotians are coming!

Thanks again for your continuous support.

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