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It is a common fact that history tends to repeat itself. What is happening now, resembles the circumstances that occurred in 1991. The situation in which a Conservative Supreme Court Justice nominee is accused of alleged sexual misconduct at the 11th hour by a Liberal professional woman, has become a 'modus operandi' of a political party to destroy the character of the aspirant to the Court 'by all means necessary'. This cruel and immoral approach has been utilized over the years by individuals and collective entities, seeking to undermine and dismantle the principles of governance, liberty and freedom embraced in the Constitution.

When one looks to the past, America's concepts and principles have prospered, even though there is a vocal minority that has an unnatural understanding of concepts promoting personal freedom and limited government. A judicial nomination for the highest court in the land, is an event when all methods of discourse are promoted and questioned for its veracity and fairness. The US Constitution offers its citizens the basis for their civil rights if interpreted correctly as originally written.  A judicial nomination is an event that has an analogous activity when the rights of an individual or a group are under scrutiny by powerful sources or the government. The presumption of one's innocence above all else, is the penultimate basis of fairness in any conflict or confrontation.

The quote, 'Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?" was attributed to Mr. Joseph Welch at the Army-McCarty hearings in 1954. The Republican Senator of Wisconsin, Joseph McCarthy, was requesting information from Mr. Welch, the attorney representing the Army, regarding alleged Communists that infiltrated the armed forces. After so many years of contemplation by historians, the Senator's passionate displays of expression against those suspected of having ties with Communists - were found to be true. The political parties over the years have not changed their comprehension of the US Constitution. I hate to generalize, but the Democratic Party has become an association of leftist ideologues that have a visceral contempt for Constitutional principles. On the other hand, the Republicans view the US Constitution as a document that instills respect for the rule of law and its interpretation of its contents are strictly adhered to.

The fight to have a majority of Supreme Court Justices embracing Liberal or Conservative principles that will impact Americans for years to come, has enlisted a vituperative display of disharmony in expression by opposing parties. When the 40th Republican President nominated the Solicitor General Robert Bork in 1987, he suffered an inhumane dismantling of his character, most notably by the Senior Senator of Massachusetts. His approach to 'originalism' in comprehending the contents of the US Constitution, was rejected by the Senate. The rejection of a 'strict constructionist' method of interpretation, began the fight to embrace the ideals of the Constitution through political motivations.

A few years later in 1991, the 41st Republican President nominated Judge Clarence Thomas of the US Court of Appeals to become an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. The confirmation hearings were disastrous, as a woman came forth and accused the Judge of sexual harassment in an attempt to destroy his reputation and in turn, nullifying his advancement to the Supreme Court. Moreover, it was ascertained the Judge embraced traditional judicial temperament that ran counter to the Democrats on the committee and the Senate body. The attempts to unravel his nomination were in vain. Judge Thomas was ultimately confirmed.

We now have a situation in which the 45th Republican President has chosen Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the US Court of Appeals to become an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. By all accounts, the Judge has an impeccable character and a majestic grasp and understanding of the US Constitution. The confirmation hearings illustrated the complete and veracious discernment of the US Constitution espoused by the Founding Fathers by the Judge in his answers to salient questions by all members of the Committee. 

Just a few days ago, Judge Kavanaugh had the support to win the endorsement of the Senate in his efforts to become an Associate Justice. Unfortunately, at the 11th hour, the Judge was accused of misconduct that occurred presumably over 36 years ago. He was 17 years of age and his accuser was a 15 year old teenager at the time. Allegedly, this circumstance occurred during a party, in which the accuser does not recall the exact location, the time, the date, the year and her inability to decipher how she arrived at the party and how she left the party under these frightful circumstances. We also have been told, this accusation came about through a marriage counseling therapy session in 2012 where her memory was no longer 'repressed' and her recollections were finally revealed.

It is my understanding a letter in which she requested to be anonymous was eventually forwarded to the Senior Democratic Senator from California in July. This Senator did not mention or reveal the contents of this letter to the House Judiciary Committee until last week. The accuser's plight was revealed by its release to the media, presumably by the Senator and/or individuals on her staff. The Committee Chairman has requested the 'unredacted' original letter to view its verbiage from the California Senator - without a response.

Have You No Decency, Madam?

As a man that seeks justice in all circumstances, I am distraught in the manner the Senior Senator from California has conducted herself by not immediately addressing the concerns of the accuser. The letter was not revealed to the Committee nor the Judge when she received it in July as the accuser insisted on confidentiality. Nevertheless, to have the contents of the letter exposed to the media a week before the scheduled vote for confirmation, was a shrewd attempt to delay the entire process, for political gain. This entire scenario beckons to the situation that occurred in 1991. A 'modus operandi' is in operation, as actions to dismantle the confirmation of a Conservative Associate Justice has been exposed for the entire nation to witness.

Attempts to destroy Justice Kavanaugh's impeccable reputation and the harm of his beloved family is abhorrent. While the claims of the accuser are to be ascertained for its truthfulness, one must be fair to both parties.

I can continue to disparage the California Senator along with her peers in their actions that have impaired the fairness one must have for both the Judge and the accuser. The misunderstanding of the doctrines espoused within the US Constitution is also apparent. An assault by leftist organizations and their followers to destroy the Judge and abandon civility has plunged America's perceived character of fairness into oblivion. When the US Constitution is no longer viewed as the predominant force of redemption, the America many have known for years is in disrepute. The continual negotiations with the accuser's attorneys in delaying her testimony under oath, has increased perceptions of political maneuvering, the lack of credibility and the ineptitude of the Republicans to end this situation once and for all. For example, the inappropriate and dysfunctional demands by the accuser's attorney in which the Judge is to testify before his accuser, is devoid of common sense and the concept of due process.

There have been a tremendous amount of revelations in regards to the accuser's past and current history. This includes a redacted High School yearbook that illustrates the acceptance of intoxication at parties by students, liberal political associations and philosophies that run counter to the Judge's interpretation of one's manifestation in this world and ties with a pharmaceutical company that manufactures abortion pills. Notwithstanding, the accuser's parents family home was foreclosed upon in 1996, as Judge Kavanaugh's mother was the presiding judge in the case. Is this a coincidence? Nonetheless, the utmost respect must be afforded the accuser, as her pain must be healed once the truth is revealed.

By happenstance I viewed the 1955 film 'Good Morning, Miss Dove!' just the other day. It's bewildering that I must recommend a film from the year of my birth as a reminder on one's conduct, once you are entrusted with a responsibility that will affect everyone. I strongly suggest the Senator view the film for the respect one earns - when you respect yourself. I'm old enough to know the procurement of wisdom has not been utilized nor revealed in this episode of American history. The Senator and her Democratic peers will eventually encounter a divine visitation in which the truth will be unveiled. This prelude in discovering the truth will be revealed not by a 'Spartacus' moment, but by a blinding light on one's 'Road To Damascus' - (Acts 9:5-6 NIV).

  In using this sorrowful circumstance at the 11th Hour as a political tool to win the Mid Term Elections - will be viewed by the American electorate as an affront to human decency. Our prayers for grace and mercy for Judge Kavanaugh, Dr. Ford and their families, will be heard by a loving Almighty God.

Thanks again for your continuous support.

"Good Morning, Miss Dove!"

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